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Update for the old timers (may be of interest to the noobs)

2 years and 1 month after my pvi-ithmus ablation I had a 20 minute bout of AF, caught by my Kardia machine and faxed to my cardiologist.

To be fair, the night it happened I had overdone it a bit, a 20km bike ride, 1mile swim and lots of beer(I don't usually drink).

I had some pip meds left from before my ablation, took some and it stopped within 20 minutes.

Not too down, I knew it may happen.

I'd have an ablation again tomorrow if needed, just for the 2 years AF free.....

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You've done very well staying AF free for so long. Just goes to show now what you have to avoid....its always lurking. Great though that the Pip worked!

Best wishes


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Hi Japaholic :-) it's good to hear of your success.

I see you live in Japan and wonder if you eat a healthy Japanese diet which may have contribute to your remaining well.


Well Jap it certainly sounds like you brought that AF attack on yourself, but it was probably just a blip. Good to hear you are still doing well and long may that continue.

Be well.



Good to hear you are still enjoying life Japaholic! Maybe a bit on the much side but hopefully, the AF is a one off.


Same here, 18 months post 2nd ablation, I've had a couple of flirts with the bag of frogs in my chest when I've over done things but it's come to nothing, generally I feel more than fine and I'd go back again for a 3rd if I needed too


Sorry to hear that. I was ablated just before you and still AF free. The beer probably had something to do with it. Hopefully it was a one off blip.



My doc said I could drink, but I drank a lot that day which is unusual, on top of that more exercise in a day than I normally do in a week, plus it was hot, like 38c.

I'm not too disappointed, I knew it may happen. And it's far far better now after ablation than before.

Not as uncomfortable or as debilitating.

Still, it's nudged me back on the wagon and back to regular more gentle exercise and renewed my determination to loose weight.


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