low sp02 when sleeping

Hi all..I have Af, Hf and sleep apnea I wear an sp02 monitor at night and use a Cpap machine..I had an ablation just over 3 weeks ago and finding my sats are in the low 90s when awake and in the middle of the night they dropped down to 63%..thus my alarm kicks in when below 85% and wakes me up, I am then in Af, Ive spoken to the sleep clinic and they have checked the data on my cpap machine and doesnt believe it is my sleep apnea causing the desaturation, I havent got an appointment until later this week with my heart nurse and was wondering if any one else has these episodes of low sp02?

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  • Sorry Bushy few of us would have the back up to tell to be honest. Not too many here with SA.

  • Hi, I get about 3 episodes a night of low (< 80) SATs & sometimes there seems to be a correlation with heart rate variations (either just before, or simultaneous, or after). Generally low SATs wake me up, so I note the time - & check the next day on data (ECG & SATs data) that I download to my computer. It would be very handy if there is anyone out there who knows more about low SATs: cause & effect, etc. or someone who can point to a useful website/information.Doesn't seem to be much information of any use (that I have come across so far) on the internet.

  • hi...sometimes my low sats correlate with high or low heart rate too, maybe its just me and you, who have these phenomenas

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