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Two weeks post ablation (almost) - Migraines

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Hi everyone,

It's almost been two weeks since my ablation and it has been a bit of a roller coaster in terms of how I have been feeling, but I remain positive.

My doctor said that I was in the lab for longer than expected and they could not cover all the area that they had hoped. I will be re-assessed in a few months an hopefully will not require a second ablation.

For the first few hours after coming around I was cold and shivery and found my throat to be the most uncomfortable (Because of the GA I think) but generally felt OK. A few hours after waking up I got a lot of chest pain which followed for the next 2 days.

I slept A LOT in the first week and have been back to work for two days (I am taking tomorrow off though - I haven't got my full stamina back yet).

I have had random palpitations, but my doctor told me to expect this so i am not concerned.

Over the last three days though I have had several migraines (weird as I have never really suffered with these). Has anyone else experienced Migraines post ablation?

Best wishes


3 Replies

Sorry I have found it now..... Yes I have had a couple of what I think is called silent migraines since my ablation. Never had them before but its like staring into the sun and seeing all sorts of zigzag lines. They have lasted about an hour each time. Horrible but fortunately no headache with mine.


The zig zag aura is common post ablation and caused by the transpetal puncture. I do get annoyed that they never tell people as it only adds to the stress.

I think you went back too soon frankly but that is up to you. Two weeks absolute minimum rest especially after GA. Expect some odd sensations for a while yet and TAKE IT EASY please.

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Yes I also had aura migraine gor 2 weeks and headaches for a further 2 weeks I took 6 weeks off work a GA takes a lot out of you and in my case my memory has suffered very badly I am hoping that this was due to the GA and not my ever increasing age! Take it easy.

Regards Ingrid


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