Ablation ? Not sure if to proceed now or wait....... Newbeeeeeeee

Hi everyone.

I had my first bout of AF two years ago and pla ed on both warfarin and metoprolol.

Recently had another setious episode that again required amiodarone infusion to correct.

Apparently I probably have other limited bouts but either dont recognise it and put it down to indigestion and palpitations or it doesnt last too long and I come back out of fast AF naturally.

Cardiologist now also prescribed Pill in Pocket with Fleconaide but has suggested that I really should have ablation.

I kniw the risks and would still have to take warfarin lifelong (as i have already had a stroke) and know that I will need it done sooner rather than later because its the nature of AF to happen more often.

My friend had it done three times! And nearly died on the last one with cardiac arrest requiring the use of paddles...... so thats like really put me off.

Has anyone had different experiences? More positive ones?

Thanks guys n gals πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»

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  • I only had my ablation 3 weeks ago and am feeling really positive couple of tiny episodes of AF lasting minutes and so far nothing else. I made the right decision and would make the same decision again.

    Good luck :-)

  • Thankyou πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • I have had three ablations and no AF for nine years so far but we are all different. You can nearly die from the most simple things as I recently discovered so look to the future not other people's past.

  • Where did you have yours done Bob?

  • Achant1 Royal Brompton Hospital. London. Despite living in Devon. There was no EP service locally back then. (2006/7 and 8)

    Poodlewoman , some people are lucky first time, others like me are more complex and need additional work .

  • Did they class all of them as successful ? I am having quite a few bumps and two little runs this week! I wonder if I may need another ablation! Have felt terrible all week, could be a virus! Been checked by two doctors and been to A&E! My ep never mentioned flutter, they know what they are looking for don't they!

  • My EP never said anything about success , just procedure went well. How can you project a success when you wont know for six months? That's how long it can take for the heart to settle down.

  • I was laying in bed last night totally chilled after feeling awful all week , when I got the electrical charge come through my chest, heart raced for a bit then settled! In a bad way at the minute . Can't help but feel I've developed a flutter.

  • Stop thinking so much. If you focus on AF it will take you over. You need time to settle down so focus on the nice things in life like how wonderful is this life we have. Trust me when I say that if you nearly loose it you stop worrying about the small things like AF.

  • You are so right , my mum and wife gave me a ticking off today! They said worse comes to the worse I have to have another ablation. I am concentrating on the blips and not the positives! Thanks Bob.

  • Flutters would show on an ECG.

  • Are they there permanently ?

  • Thanks for that . Is it common to have more than one ablation?

  • Yes - it is common to have more than one ablation. I've heard an EP say that he always advises patients that more than one ablation is likely to be necessary. A slight majority only need one but two or three is not unusual.

    It may be worth asking your EP about his/her success rates. They won't be upset by this, honest!

  • Go for it I had one in March , and except for a bad week this week, all has been great.

  • Thankyou .

  • Hi

    I have just had a cryoablation for AF at Barts in London and was diagnosed last year

    I too had a mini stroke and thought my life had come to an end

    I have to say my nerves were shattered and I kept reading everyone else's experiences to help me to decide whether to proceed

    It's only 1 week down the line and hope I am not speaking too soon but already I feel so much better already and my heart seems to be behaving I am hoping this is successful as I now feel like I am starting to get all of my energy back

    I know everyone is different and am sure you will make the right decision I just wanted to share the positive experience I have had

    Good luck xx

  • Oh thanks πŸ™‹πŸ» glad you are feeling much better 😁

  • always good to have the positives - I am trying to decide whether to go ahead so it gives more balance thanks

  • I was the same and kept focusing on the negatives

    So glad I went ahead and would have it done again if needed

    I stayed awake for the procedure

  • I have to have General an aesthetic as I have other issues which means there is no way I can keep still πŸ€—

  • Same having the Ablation was easier than going to the Dentist..

  • The single most important thing you must all understand is that this forum is heavily weighted to the disasters and failures. Why I hear you ask? Well those who's ablations have been a success seldom come back here as they no longer need our support.They just get on with life and forget about AF. A few of us stay to help as we remember how desperate we felt in the old days but not many.

  • That is so very true πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Well put Bob and so very true. Roy

  • My AF n Flutters were getting out of hand. My Electrocardiologist wanted me to proceed with Ablation. My medication was not very successful and not really controlling the condition. I was not able to tolerate Amoderone. I went ahead and had the Ablation and never looked back. It stopped all AF n flutters. And to date 12 mths down the track have only had very minor bouts bought on by anxiety. The procedure did not phase me at all..I am 62 and want to get on with life. I hope you do really well

  • Yes, I did have a positive experience, and so far it has worked. It has now been 2 months past the procedure. It was actually easier than I thought. No pain after, just felt a lot of pressure on chest and extremely tired and a bit dizzy. It did take a week of rest to recover. And my EP said it would take about 3 months for heart to recover. I am off of the meds, which I could not have imagined taking for a lifetime. They made me sluggish, tired and not wanting to exercise for the dizziness too. I felt like the meds made my whole lifestyle and personality change because I was not able to function well. Not good. Still on blood thinners, but waiting to get off. So glad I did it. No regrets.

  • yes i hated being on those pills - i came off them but they said i was to keep taking the blood thinners. i am on Pradaxa this one doesn't need testing all the time..

  • I had first and only ablation in Nov 2013. For 5 months I had lots of bumps and arrhythmias but they gradually stopped and since then bliss!!

    I was very nervous and nearly did a runner from the waiting room. Boy am I glad I did not.

  • I was booked in to have my ablation at 10 am - nurse came and told me what was going to happen i was taken in to a small theater - two nurses and two Electrophysicians - i had a local anesthetic in my groin - didn't even feel it - the dr said he was going to insert the catheter in the vein - i could watch on the screen if i wanted - the Dr went behind a glass screen - i said when is it going to start - he said we are already in there and to keep still - i think he gave the problem area about 3 zaps then said keep very still and we will remove the Catheter. I was kept on bed rest for about 4 hours then was allowed up - i stayed overnight - the Consultants came to discharge me the next morning said that they were confident that they had got the problem area causing the Flutters.... i felt great nice to have my chest area calm... i only had a mild flutter abut one week later. now one year has passed and only had about 5 minor episodes - think they were because i was very anxious.. i am now off the heart meds - just on Pradaxa anticoagulant -e fluid pill -

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