Anyone reading this who is afraid to post , don't be !

AF sucks , it's frightening ! I had two very very fast attacks of AF in September 16 and October 16! Realised what i had been having in my life weren't panic attacks ,just snippets of what was to come! I had a life changing moment in an ambulance on my way to a and e when the paramedic told me he had an ablation 15 years before and he had been fine ever since! Please don't be frightened to post on here with any problems, no matter how small they may seem we are all in the same boat! I had my ablation in march this year, it's a rocky road but fingers crossed one we can all get through! My two fast attacks lead to being out of sinus rhythm, but went back in after meds! Beta blockers didn't work for me but flecainide did! I am lucky I have only been out of sinus for a couple of days all together! Good luck to each and everyone of you!

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  • Always good to see a positive post. Glad to have you aboard.

  • Thank you ! Had a bad day today but tomorrow is a new day .

  • Hi Achanti . As I'm new to this AF experience posts like yours are so uplifting. Gives me more hope for the future. But I must say that Bob D is such an inspiration to me. His journey which has been long and not without its setbacks gives me so much hope. He has travelled that road and by the sound of it has come out full of confidence. I sincerely hope that I can follow his path with the same outlook as him and yours as well. I'm at the beginnings of the journey. Very scared. Optimistic and full of dread but this forum gives you so many answers to questions and anxieties So thank you both . It won't be the last you will hear from me as like so many others I really do need the support that this forum and it's many lovely people provide. Moreen.

  • That has made my day, good luck with your journey. All the best.

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