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I've been suffering from Etopic beats and mild AF for the last 5 years, lately its been getting worse and after a ECG and blood tests and a visit to the hospital I'm consistently been told that its borderline AF and its lifestyle problems. I'm 45 and run my own business and I have cut down on caffeine and I dare not drink any alcohol as the next day I really suffer. I exercise regularly and am mildly overweight, but this is ruining my life now as when it starts bouncing about I feel tired and sick and cant concentrate. Its at the stage the last few days were I feel like its constantly fluttering about , any advice please would be much appreciated

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Is AF ever mild? Can one ever be borderline? Not sure about that myself but ectopics can be a real nuisance. OK so they aren't dangerous and everybody gets them but when they are frequent and come in clusters then I know how stressful this can be.

Yes lifestyle makes a difference. ANY excess weight is a problem so start working on that first. Try a more plant based diet and cut out processed foods as much as possible especially white sugar. Drink lots of water to stay well hydrated. Look up Ectopics in the search function and there is an exercise of slow deep breathing which helps many people .

Go to Af Association website and read all you can as knowledge is power and above all go and see a specialist in arrhythmias rather than your GP or general cardiologist. They are plumbers and you need to see an electrician ( an electrophysiologist) to sort you out.

Ask away here and we will try to help.


Thanks Bob 👍


In response to the question "Is AF ever mild?", I was diagnosed with paroxysmal AF last year, and report the following:

I have never had any symptoms apart from an irregular pulse when monitored, and a feeling of being slightly bloated, coinciding with the AF.

I have never noticed any effect on exercise capability.

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I can concur with this.I was first diagnosed with persistent AF in 2004(heart rate went to 246 at one point), had a successful cardioversion and was put on Amlodopine until last year when the AF acted up again.Another cardioversion but sadly the AF is now paroxysmal.It is well controlled by Diltiazem and I also take Xarelto.Live a virtually 'normal' life with no huge effects except occasionally a little short of breath....similar to being overweight(which I still am slightly!).So the bottom line is AF does not effect everybody the same.For some there are severe symptoms and for others mild symptoms.Treatment is defined by these symptoms.Also it seems to progress faster in some people than others.I had no real progression from 2004 up until my next 'event' last year and since then it hasn't gotten worse either.Best wishes to all fellow travellers in this 'exclusive' club...


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