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Just had an EKG last week found out I'm back having afib again running 138-148. Dr. put be back on a higher dose of Amaradrone and Eliquis 2 times a day. probably looking at another Cardioversion # [5] and probably a [3rd] Ablation. I am concerned with this last 5 yr. history as to how many times a person can go through the continued treatment. I was told the Amaradrone is some nasty side effects to lungs, liver, and thyroid. They have been taking lung x-ray, blood for liver and thyroid functions. I have noticed the shortness of breath has gotten worse over the last 6 months. So I will find out more in a couple weeks?

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Hi Afibagain and welcome. No idea why you haven't had a reply, but perhaps because it's difficult to generalise as circumstances can be so varied. One person can have several ablations that don't take much time and another can have one with much more work being done. They aren't the same, and we are all very different, so no easy way to answer your question and say after so many there should be no more. It's probably up to the individual EP to assess when enough is enough and here again, one may be cautious and another more adventurous.

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Rellim296 thanks for your reply it will help with possible questions to ask the doc. in a couple weeks

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