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Still no answer


Well after waiting 8 weeks for results of a month long portable ECG monitor and e-mailing cardiologists Secretary and also ringing and leaving message then my heart failure nurse ringing still no results. Starting to think no news is good news. Just the not knowing I guess plus nurse wanted it for her records as she is keeping a note of when I feel unwell like yesterday short episode but wiped me out. Just wait and see if get a letter.

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Of course you want to know. If nothing else to make sure you haven't slipped through the net so to speak. When my 7 day monitor showed up some nasties i heard back within 24 hours. So meanwhile think no news is good news.


This may sound far fetched....and I live close to my hospital......but can you go in(preferably with a relative or friend in tow) and go to the dept., (s) concerned and 'kick up a bit of a fuss'.?I have done it twice on behalf of elederly friends and it immediately got some action.

My 7 day holter results got chewed up in the big NHS computer hack earlier this year, so when I saw my EP he didn't have them. However, he did say that ablation is aimed at relieving symptoms so they don't base their decisions entirely on the ECG results. When I turned up for my ablation he did have the results and they showed persistant Afib. Bit of a shocker.

So basically, persist with trying to locate them.

Thanks everyone. My heart failure nurse found out that the tape had been analysed by the technicians and passed to my cardiologist 8 weeks ago. I'm going to try ringing Secretary again as is nurse

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