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I haven't posted for a while but I do keep an eye on things. I first had ectopic beats over 20 years ago and once I knew what they were they didn't worry me and only happened occasionally and rest. Once I got AF they would go away immediately following an episode and then return just before another one. Three years ago I had an ablation which was wonderful and completely removed both the AF and the ectopics but a couple of weeks ago I started getting ectopics like I've never had before sometimes lasting for over 12 hours and with up to 20 per minute. They don't particularly stress me out or anything but they do leave me a bit short of breath when I'm trying to climb hills et cetera. I have had a wonderful three years without any arrhythmias and have been working full-time and doing a lot of voluntary conservation work and I don't want to stop. I have had an ECG done which showed atrial ectopics but I couldn't even feel them at the time so they certainly weren't as bad as they get. I think I'm most concerned that they will eventually lead to a return of the AF but they are really quite unpleasant in their own right and leave me feeling sore and bruised in the chest the next day. At the moment I will wait and see if it gets better or worse. I know they say it does no real harm but you start to wonder after 12 hours.

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Ectopics are a misery but there is a breathing exercise which many of us find stops or curtails them. Briefly, slow deep breaths in relaxed position - no more than 6 breaths per minute for at least 5 to 10 minutes.


Hope you find it helpful.


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