I've now had three AF cardioablations at Texas Heart, the late Dr. Denton Cooley's brainchild in Houston, Texas. I've had two ablations in just the past six months. I'm wondering what the record number of ablations is for a single patient. I want to go for the record before I croak. Please note: In the States, "croak" is a euphemism for "Kicking the bucket". Kicking the bucket is a euphemism for one's curtain call , the "bucket" reference targeted to the so-called "Bucket List", the so-called bucket list being a compilation of things an individual hopes to "check off" prior to the dance with grim reaper. Just to be clear.

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  • You have a long way to go for the record.

    In the normal course of events AF is considered to be non life threatening.

    Please don't croak, kick the bucket or meet the grim reaper.


  • Many like me have had three, some four or five. The most I have heard of is eight. Not sure it is a target I would want to shoot for,


  • Yes, a popular member of our forum has his 7th ablation booked for next month. So I'd leave him with the record. Like you I've had 3 ablations.

    I think we all knew what you mean by 'croak' but you did make me laugh with your explanation.


  • Wow! Eight? Man, I'm just a rookie!

    Well, thanks Pete and Bob. So far I've had no post-ablation problems, although my most recent, just three days ago, has apparently brought on a migraine, from which I presently suffer.

    My doc says after he corrects the AF source he then "tries" to make me go back into AFib but can't, which is a good thing.

    My one question to you all is: Have any of you found eliminating alcohol has made any difference? After my first AF ablation, 2012, I stopped drinking for exactly three years and one month, without returning to AF. But, I continue to experience DVT, bilaterally, and now have an IVC Filter, which at this point cannot be removed. I also have had a Medrronic Pacemaker for the past three years.

    19 months ago I began drinking beer again, though very little. At most one liter per day, but since then I've gone back into AF twice. So I've quit drinking beer again. I am reasonably fit; get 7-10 hours of cardio exercise a week.

  • Alcohol is s known trigger.

    Whilst I was never a big drinker and was never aware of alcohol triggering my AF, I chose to stop drinking alcohol a year ago to hopefully enhance my chances of being AF free.

    This is despite having some gine wine, an excellent single malt whiskey and a 46 year old bottle of Madiera in the house.

    Do try your best to eliminate any triggers you will give yourself the best odds of avoiding the AF curse.

    If I were you I would not aspire to achieve the record.


  • I have an IVC filter inserted each time I have interventional surgery. IVC filters in the UK are only used for this purpose when a history of blood clots or the likelihood of further blood clots will endanger a patient during/after surgery. IVC filters are also used for those patients deemed unable to take an anticoagulant such a Coumadin due to ageing problems or mental disability which prevents them taking anticoagulants as normal.. IVC filters are generally removed 3-7 days after surgery. I was told that the filters can be hard to remove and can even migrate to other parts of the body hence the desire not to leave them in for too long. In this country IVC filters are inserted/removed as a small operation (prior to some other intended interventional treatment) conducted under the imaging/x-ray department by a specially qualified radiologist. I had a complete haematological profile done to find out why I kept having clots and the information produced was very interesting....not least to my children who have, regrettably, inherited my gene profile . Do let us know how you get on. You are among interested friends and well-wishers on this forum. Anne

  • Hi Ann-That sounds reasonable. My IVC was placed after my first ablation, following a follow-up during which ultrasound revealed I was still producing clots. Then I joined the Pacemaker Racing Team after wearing a 24 Hour Holter (sp?) monitor which revealed my heart was stopping completely in the middle of the night, and yet ANOTHER ultrasound determined I was STILL producing blood clots (DVT), despite Coumadin.

    I'm now on Xarelto, Metoprolol, and was on Flecainide briefly. My Doc, a GREAT GUY, really, says my IVC filter, at this point (2+years) is, " . . . in medical terms, 'non-takeable outable'."

    Guess I'll live with it. If ever abducted by Aliens (fingers crossed), it'll be interesting to see what they make of it.

    Insaneablate in Mississippi

  • Gave up caffeine after being diagnosed, and cut back substantially on the alcohol. Certainly wasn't an alcoholic, but probably had a glass of wine a day. Now, I might have a glass or two only on the weekends. I'd say the combination of eating too much in a sitting AND alcohol contributed to an AF episode.

  • After my first AF ablation I quit drinking for three years. Not a drop, didn't miss it.

    Now, following this third ab., I'm experiencing constant, revolving migraines after having had only one, sometimes two beers in the evenings. Apparently the beer COULD be contributing to the migraines. Will conduct an experiment by trying non-alcoholic beer for a few days, just to be obstinate. Recalling the line from Frank Sinatra: "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up, that's the best they're going to feel all day . . ."

  • I just use the term 'Snuff-it' , just like a dog meeting another one in the park.

    No - wait - that's the wrong spelling !!!


  • 🛎

  • Alcohol may occasionally be a trigger for my afib, but not always. My EP says alcohol in moderation is okay, and I still enjoy it a couple of times a week with no obvious connection to an afib episode. Live your life.

  • I had my third ablation two weeks ago, and thank goodness still in NSR! First was for AF in left atria, then flutter in right, and finally flutter in left. Also like you, in a short time span, first was in March. Let's just stick with the three for now! Good luck to you and to your NSR!

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