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Embarrassing foot/leg numbness

Hi Guys this is the first time on this site, I was wondering if you may know why I get this condition?

If I sit for long periods at work in the office or if I am standing/walking etc. I look after children during the day as I work in a childcare crèche. It seems to hit me when walking home after work or on the evening when going out with friends. My right foot starts to go numb and then travels up my leg with a pin pricking cold sensation up to my buttocks then it goes into my left foot and leg. When I try to walk my feet are like led weights and I struggle to walk, to gain control I take both shoes off and put my feet onto the pavement. If a wall is nearby I lean on it, then after 1-2 minutes the numbness starts to disappear in my feet and then legs. Sometimes I can cry because of losing the feeling in my feet and legs. Would anyone know why I get this numbness



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Have you spoken to your doctor? Do you have AF ?

This forum is primarily for those with atrial fibrillation which you do not mention. In any event we are not medically trained so best to speak to one who is. It could be so many things from a trapped nerve to circulation problems and anywhere in between . Go see a doctor please.


Hi Thank you for your reply, I had not realised the site was only for AF sorry, I have seen a doctor who checked the pulses in my legs and feet all was okay except for the one pulse near ankle , he was not able to locate it and asked me to come back to check for it - which I need to make an another appointment Thanks again


Ask for Doppler assessment which checks all foot pulses . Agree with Bob couple of things it could be .

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my GUESS - not medical advice, but advice from personal experience is this: Start swimming for at least 30 minutes a swim - at least twice a week. See if that makes a difference. If it does then its got something to with a trapped nerve or your posture and you need to see a physio or a chiropractor.


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