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Correlation Pulse Rate and Oxygen requirement

My pulse rate is generally between 52-58. Is is safe for me to go to high altitude areas at heights of over 14,000 feet where the oxygen is less and all persons including tourists are asked to stay two days indoors for acclimatization. Does a low pulse rate call for taking additional precautions - if so what type of precautions? or is it best or safer to avoid a holiday there (Leh - Ladakh in North India) and go elsewhere

Can anybody advise ? Thanks


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Can't advise really, best to ask your own GP, but I did go to Machu Pichu in Peru a few years ago, when I was having symptoms of AF, but hadn't yet been diagnosed. Apart from feeling very 'light headed' a few times, I coped with the altitude well. Main problem was climbing stairs! We did do the two days aclimatizing first!


Just checked, Cusco where we started from is only just over 11,000 feet, so considerably lower than what you are proposing to do!


On my current medication (Atenolol) my heart rate is about the same. I'm off to Peru in September, my Dr didn't advise against it - have to admit to being slightly concerned about altitude sickness, but it might never happen😀


I got AF walking up to a ski mountain restaurant at just 2000m.


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