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Hiya! Can someone who uses a Kardia remind me of the various reports/results that it displays to someone with the memory of a goldfish?

Having been in hospital for nine weeks with very regular obs, (every two hours for most of the time), I had no need of my Kardia, but have felt so well recently that I decided to check my status this morning and it says, "Possible Atrial Fibrillation" which I interpret as being quite mild. Does anyone remember the alternative results? I've looked back in my journal and it just says AF for past readings, but not the level.

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So far for me, possible AF has been triggered by runs of ectopics and also by sinus arrhythmia.

In these cases my rate of around 70bpm was very unlikely to be AF, so I scoured the trace for p waves - hard to see and used a sheet of paper to mark the r - r intervals, which were fairly regular. Then I sent off for an analysis just to be sure.

The three results which I think Kardia produces are AF, possible AF and unclassified - in addition to normal.

Fingers crossed that it's just ectopics.

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Mine always says possible af even when I have full blown AF I have never had just AF.


Likewise never had an AF result only ever a possible.


Thanks to both of you - I was unsure what exactly comes up and checked my traces which were flagged up as 'possible AFib and they are now all labelled as AFib in red. None of them is AF, and all the rest are unclassified, no 'possibles' anywhere. Confused now.


I'm back in "possible AF" when I look at my reading, but if I go through the dates in the journal it says AFib with no "possible" noted.

I was hoping that the "possible" meant that I hadn't definitely gone back into AF but was possibly still in sinus. Wishful thinking, but ever the optimist. Would just love to give my heart failure a chance to recover a bit.


If it is any consolation, I've had 'possible AF' with ectopics and with sinus arrhythmia - both considered harmless. To be sure, either email to your doc or send to Kardia for analysis.

Fingers crossed for you that it is 'only' ectopics. xx


Thanks Finvola , but when I left hospital on Wed night they were a bit concerned that my heart rate was so low (30/40ish), and told me to drop the Bisoprolol from 12.5 mg to 10. My heart rate is now 130 ish so I'm pretty sure I'm back in AF so rang the Coronary Care unit this morning to ask about putting the dosage up again. C'est la vie !!! X


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