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Reminder Harefield Support Group this Wednesday

Hi everyone just a reminder

For those of you in the area (or not but wish to travel) the Next Harefield Support group Meeting will be on the 14th June 5pm to 6:30pm

The meetings are held in the Hospital right opposite the main entrance in a hall above the canteen and we are usually blessed by at least two EPs coming along and answering any questions you may have during the breaks.

The main topic for this meeting will be

Living with AF: lifestyle changes and psychological support.

and the speakers are

Dr Paul Weldon, clinical psychologist and Heather Probert, Specialist Physiotherapist.

I'm looking forward to this one personally as I remain struggling with the lifestyle changes I should be making.

Entrance FREE (doesn't get any cheaper than that)

We even throw in some tea and coffee and maybe a biscuit or two.

Please come along I guarantee you will learn something.

Be well


2 Replies

Hope to be there. Looking forward to it.


I can't come but I hope to read a summary, as you can see from my post I am trying to make up for years of inactivity wrongly excused by my heart problems!


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