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Bypass and Ablation at same time

It was recently discovered following an angiogram that I now require a bypass op,I was also on the waiting list for an ablation .Following discussion with both my EP and the cardiothorasic surgeon the decision have been made that I have both procedures at the same time. Has anyone had these both procedures?and how successful was it ? ,Ive read it could be more successful than a catheter ablation. I might had that my AF is virtually symptom free and it doesn't affect my quality of life that much so I often wonder should I have the ablation. Echo good on all relevant meds

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Before you commit yourself to a bypass operation, check out the evidence that most of them are NOT needed. No time now to track it down.


ILowe, I'm on waiting list ,due to have it around 6 weeks .Do you have any links for evidence of this


Hi I had open heart surgery to remove a tumour from my heart. As they could do regular ablation due to tumour restricting catheter access I had a cox maze procedure at the same time. Nothing to compare it with however seems to make sense to have both at same time .


I have found some evidence for my strong assertion that a bypass operation is riskier than doing nothing. Dr Malcolm Kendrick. "Doctoring Data: how to sort out medical advice from medical nonsense" see chapter 8.

The Kindle edition is only 6.99 pounds.

There have been no controlled trials done comparing bypass surgery with doing nothing. There is no need, because the body naturally overcomes the problem and develops what is called, collateral circulation.

"A published study on magnetic resonance imaging found that 51% of those who had CABG (bypass) demonstrated some brain damage"

If you google the term after the colon you will find loads more evidence: bernard lown CABG

For instance. "No evidence existed that CABG improved both survival and the quality of life more than the optimal medical treatment for patients with stable coronary artery disease."

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