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Very low HB occasionally after ablation

Has anyone else got this? had my ablation just under 1 month ago (it was problematic but OK now) HB has been fine with median 55-70; regular and am getting better all the time. However on 2 occasions my HB has fallen very low; it does not last for too long (a few hours). A couple of weeks ago my HB went down to 39-40 and yesterday at times it went down to 36 and hovered around 43.

My app is accurate; I was not feeling that bad - just a little tired, slightly lightheaded and spacy - but more scared than anything else. I lied down for the afternoon and read and by the evening it was back to normal. My next appointment should be in a couple of months time (probably longer as Barts' computer still not back up so I am told) and I really cannot cope with A&E and my doctor would just send me to A&E.

Before I got AF my HB was always quite low at 50 (I am no athlete it was just like that) and then I got in permanent AF with it going up to 200 and with a median of 135.

Anyone else got this and know what it means?

Thank you

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Being dehydrated can make your BP drop, make sure you drink plenty of water. Honestly it makes a big difference.



I very rarely check my heart rate but it can be a bit low and I don't feel it's a problem for me as I don't feel inconvenienced in any way or breathless. Like you I'm not an athlete but just tend to have a slow pulse. It was 40 when I had an ECG a few weeks ago and no comment was made. After my second ablation my heart speeded up to about 70bpm and that felt very odd and I was glad when it slowed down a bit.

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For me 40 - 50bpm has been normal for years on Bisoprolol.

I came off it earlier this year and am now between 45 and 55 when resting most the time.

We are different but for me it is not a big problem except being more aware of the odd ectopic beats and missed beats.



thanks good to know not that unusual

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