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Lost a friend

Some time ago I was i touch, through this site, a lady who went

by the name of MegR. She was actually on the af site, but her

post was directed to me with others by af manegement. I would

very like to reconnect with her but I dont seem to be able to. I

I wish to send her a private message. How do I get on to my

personal private messages.


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click on your own name at the top . scroll down to messages and then search for her name.


Thanks so much Bob it worked a treat, trouble is I private messaged her so it wasnt there. What happened was her post

was sent to me by Afa along with others because I hadnt been

on the site for a while. They are varied ie not just folk with

af. I personal messaged her because it is a very personal problem

which i too have. I know she is expecting to go into hospital in

June after a cancellation and I wanted to pass on my good wishes


Thanks once again.


Also...when I first began to use this site there was always a respose from someone named PeterWh to most questions butthere has been no response from him for quite a long time. Just wondered what happened.


Yes Rothwell I renember him.. the thing is as with myself once

you begin to feel better and start going out into the big bad

world again you dont visit the HU site so much.


AF is but one of the issues Peter deals with and he went very quiet a while ago. His useful comments have been missed. He was at Ian's Nosh and Natter in London at the beginning of April.


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