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Bad memory with AF and heart failure


Hi Im only 46 ...diagnosed with AF and Heart failure just over 12 months ago and down for an urgent second ablation...but ive started noticing my memory is getting worse...I forget what year it is and write things down i.e copying numbers incorrect i take a alot of medicine. Apixaban furosemide.spironoctalone.ramipril.lansoprazol.digoxin carvedilol.pregablin...anyone else have the same bad memory?

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I was on Dogoxin for about 12 months when first diagnosed along with Bisoprolol and Ramipril. I started to get memory loss with the Digoxin. No too serious at first but forgot names of people - more frustrating was I would remember half the name and not the rest of it. I also got a little more forgetful, minor things going to do something and then forgetting what it was. I researched a little and found a few medical papers which said that it could cause problems. One of the others of this forum Jeanne I think had the same problems. I came off Dogoxin and memory returned to normal.

I took spironoctalone at one stage, after a few months this made me feel rather odd, as if I was floating through dayly routines in a bit of a fog, not quite all there. It also gave me dry irritated eye problems and as I have Glaucoma this did not help ande was taken of these. My Noac is Rivaroxaban. Your other drugs I have no experience of.


Yes, Digoxin affected my memory. I felt confused, spaced out, weepy (that's just not me) and so forgetful. Hated this medication and will never take it again!


You would be in the same boat as many suffers, going by the amount of meds you have been put on.

It would be best for you to go back to your Specialist and ask for an a revaluation of your medications for you are starting to notice a side effect.

Plus...don't take "No" for an answer..


I've no experience with those drugs but I've been on one in particular that made my memory dreadful, it also severely affected my sense of time. I know that the same drug does not affect others, so we're all different.

I have been on and off digoxin for years however it was not until I ended up in ICU in 2008 that my memory went downhill. I was told that once six months went by my memory which improved but my short term memory is poor and they say that will not get better now?

My own theory is if the tablets for AF are to regulate the HR which is an electric signal? Then it could also affect the brains signals in some way too?

I am now on 15 scripts a day for my multi-conditions so I have something that wants to upset me at some point or other?

Be Well

My late mum had vascular dementia and it wasn't too bad, lots of lucid days and knowing who we all were and being able to be part of the family. Two weeks after being put on digoxin her condition deteriorated rapidly and the change was awful. Both my sister and I (my sister has AF) have vowed never to take digoxin.

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