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Pradaxa do the US know more than us?

Just a quick post. I was messing about on the internet and found some US TV Channels. One thing that I noticed was a lot of medical adverts, But one came on regarding anyone on Pradaxa that has had side effects and this law firm was willing to do a no win no fee? It claimed 100's won already?

Or is it just the way the US law works?

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Ambulance chasing lawyers have spread across the Atlanic already but yes Offcut this is an American disease responsible for tying up doctors and hospitals and costing us all more money in the end.

This class action has been going on now for some years just as our PPI "lawyers" have on UK TV.

I suspect that some unscrupulous people have actually asked to be put on some drugs or had their aged relatives likewise prescribed which they knew unsuitable in order to make money but then I was always a cynic!


From my own experience of 3 years taking Pradaxa, I am not aware of any side effects BUT it does need an acid stomach so antacids aren't needed.


Just the way the law works in 'class actions' in US i.e. The more people they can get to join a class action, the more money the lawyers make.

Also Pradaxa was the first NOAC to be introduced in the US and they misjudged the dose in the early days so some people had bleeds they shouldn't have, especially in the 70+ age range. They later lowered the dose and made it a twice daily rather than once daily. Some of the so called bleeds were very minor cut finger ones but they slant it to say that patients were not warned that it would affect their clotting times.


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