Ablation day 3

Not much to say really. Heart makes an occasional jump, particularly when I'm tired. Nothing compared to what it was. Plenty of energy, but have to be careful with the scar, which is itchy, so must be healing OK.

PS it's a bit weird not feeling my heartbeat. I got used to feeling it pounding most of the time, and now its gone. I know that is what it is supposed to be like, I wonder how long it will take me to get used to it?

4 Replies

  • Having nothing to say is good! May it long continue. Best wishes.

  • Good news but don't get too cocky. You still need a lot of rest and healing. My scar never itched, it was the hair growing back witch drove me to distraction!

  • Excellent news. Keep well, please don't overdo it no matter how well you feel. Heal gently.

  • That's great to hear.

    Much my experience as well, couldn;t feel my heart at all afterwards, it was just WONDERFUL. Feeling my heart beating did eventually come back to normal but (from memory, and a terrible one!) I think it was a few years and very gradual.


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