Hi all! I haven't posted on the site before in my own right but have made a couple of replies. The site has been very useful and informative over the last year and a half and is inhabited by many genuine and helpful people. I had an ablation in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast last August and to date everything is going fine. I was under the care of Dr Conor McCann. He is an excellent EP, very calm easy-going and thorough. Thought I would plug his name as there doesn't seem to be great deal of Info regarding EPs in this neck of the woods.

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  • So pleased you are doing well and had a positive experience. Good EP by the sound of it too.

  • Thanks meadfoot, Excellent EP calls it as it is and gets on with it and exceptionally pleasant with it. He comes with a wealth of experience for such a young man.

  • Hello Mel and welcome to the forum.

    Dr McCann is also my EP and I can endorse everything you've said about him - I too would recommend him.

    I'm glad your ablation was a success - long may it continue to be so. I may have to go down that route eventually but for now - on drugs.

    Best wishes from the north coast.

  • Hi Finvola nice to see we have something in common. Look forward to reading your posts from time to time.

  • Hi Finvola just noticed you are from the North Coast as I am, I see a Dr Lau from the Royal who has been brilliant, still suffering from the eptopics though Im told this takes time, Im just so impatient! Is Dr McCann an Electrophysiologist and do you have AF no one seems to have just eptopics which is what I had the ablation for.



  • Hi Ingrid - Greetings to a fellow ' norn iron ' dweller. I saw Dr Lau before Dr McCann joined the RVH team and was impressed with him too. Dr McCann is an EP who co-authored a book on cardiac mapping which seems to be one of his specialities. I believe that he worked with Professor Keane at the Mater in Dublin before coming to Belfast in 2014. From memory, the other EP's in the Royal are Drs Cromie and Roberts.

    I have AF, SVT and some AFlutter which Dr McCann thinks is caused by Flecainide but all is considered to be under control and that the drugs are doing their job (so far xxx).

    Ectopics are a perfect pain and I've found that strict control of sugar intake helps keep them at bay and when they strike, slow, deep diaphram breathing for ten minutes stops them. Take no more than 6 breaths a minute - very relaxing it is, too.

    I hope you get some relief from the ectopics - and that the ablation will prove to have been the answer,

    Best wishes.

  • Hi Mel, its good to hear you are well after your ablation last year. It sounds like you have the ideal EP too. Always nice and helpful to hear of an EP being recommended.


  • Hi Jean thank you for your warm words.

  • Hi Mel I too had my ablation at the Royal by a Dr Lau also very good, my first ablation in Feb had to be stopped 2nd 10 days ago, Im still very much symtomatic, constant ectopics which is what they were trying to erradicate, how was your recovery and was it for AF, I live on the North Coast also but feel I could be living on the moon feeling so isolated with this condition! Glad to hear you are out the othet end.



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