It's so familiar

Well first big af episode yesterday and ended up in cardiac care overnight. Every time stood up felt I was going to hit the floor and palpitations big style. Since my ablation last July even though I've had a good few episodes this was a biggie for me.

Paramedics come and was skipping between episodes of af, fast but regular heart rate and tons of ectopics so in I went. Upshot was def in af and lasted most of the night eventually settling at about 4am. Still feel really unwell as heart rate going up to 100+ when getting up and still feeling dizzy. Cardiologist says looks like I've got a viral infection but if af comes back worse again or symptoms get worse go back up as with my other heart stuff can't be too careful. So tired today and slept from 12-8

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  • Sorry to hear you were so unwell, viral infection will do that. Rest up end Hope you feel better soon.

  • Oh no, they are absolutely dreadful and I am so sorry you have them. I have horrendous af attacks too that hospitalise me. I do hope the medics get you sorted very soon and you can regain stable health.

    It's hard to imagine these vile attacks but having them I really understand how you feel. Take care and keep your chin up you will get back on track although it probably doesn't feel like it right now.

    Best wishes.

  • I am curious about something: I see where a lot of people post that they were hospitalized with serious Afib events. What is considered serious? My worst ones are about 4 hours long, and I have had some that last 3-4 hours, stop, and come back in the same 24 hour period. Am I dumb for enduring this and not seeking help at the ER? My docs have not even addressed this with me. Thanks.

  • I suffer really badly when having an episode. The one Friday last about 15 hours. I get very breathless. Palpitations and find I can't walk more than a few metres without being fatigued. Plus every time I stood up got dizzy. Even if some of the symptoms were due to a viral infection the fatigue and breathlessness is my major symtom.

  • Thanks. I do not get dizzy, or real breathless. Just the fast rate and some panic, occaisional chest pain but very mild. Maybe a little out of breath but I can function. Guess I am luky compared to some. Count our blessings, right?

  • It depends how they make you feel I guess. My af and Svt horrendous attacks cause me to almost pass out then come back to full consciousness back and forth constantly without a break, I have to get on the floor or I will go out completely. The chest, jaw, arm pain is unbearable and it even hurts in my calves and under my feet. I need intravenous morphine for the pain and my pulse and bp go mad, extremely high then low.

    It can go on like this for hours and hours so I have no choice in these instances but to get to a and e who then fast track me to cardiology for intravenous morphine and chemical cardioversion with intravenous flecainide. On several occasions a doctor has sat with me until I have converted looking at the monitors and telling me when the next wave is coming. These attacks are vile and terrifying.

    After chemical conversion I am then kept in cardiology for a few days to be Stabalised as it throws my whole system into chaos.

    Ordinary every day af episodes, short lived atrial tachycardia, heart pauses, pacs, pvcs,, ectopics I just take on the chin until they pass. It's only the really big stuff that takes me to hospital.

    Hope this helps.

  • Wow, I feel blessed to have the symptoms I have. May God give you comfort and healing.

  • Got up this morning. Heart rate seller but still bit high for me. No feeling of dizziness yet but today planning to chill and not do much. Hopefully virus out my system in few days x

  • Sorry you've been so unwell and hope your feeling a little better now. Make sure you drink plenty of water and rest up. Best wishes.


  • It's so horrible Feel for you Hope your soon feeling better x

  • Thanks everyone. Heart rate back to normal 40's but that's normal for me. Dizziness gone. Still tired but an early night will help with that x

  • So familiar to me too. A viral infection can trigger AF. Same thing happened to me recently and I also ended up in hospital. I do sympathise it is horrible you get a double whammy of feeling awful due to the virus which then triggers the AF. Keep hydrated and once the virus is out of your system you should feel much better- then if you can sleep or rest for a week. Hope you're feeling better soon. Liz

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