Bl**dy toothache

Maybe a bit off topic, but I thought I would share my pain......whilst in Portugal, I developed a toothache which got progressively more unbearable. We had some Amoxicillin but I wasn't sure if I could take them with the meds. Local pharmacist there scratched his head.....emailed some medics in the UK who you would think would know, and got nowhere!!! At 6 pm the day before flying home, the hotel receptionist managed to get me an appointment with his dentist in Portimao.....incredible service, state of the art X-rays, drilled out the fillings and removed the nerves.......all for €120. He said he couldn't fill it because of possible pressure problems in the plane.....but bliss, no pain!!! I had an appointment for my dentist last Monday, but did have to have it temporarily filled there last Friday as my tongue was suffering from the sharp edges. Problem is, it hurts again, back on Amoxicillin (which is OK with anti-coags apparently) full strength paracetamol/codeine painkillers and guess what....I've got to wait another 3 weeks before the dentist can whip it out.....anyone got a piece of string and a door they can lend me.......but the good news is, still in NSR and it will be the first anniversary of my ablation the day they take the tooth out!!!

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  • Dentists normally like to wait a while to make sure that infection has gone before attempting extraction anyhow. Pain should disappear as penicillin works.

    Good luck !


  • Thanks Sandra, the signs are you might be right....fingers crossed!

  • Oh John not what you want on Holiday is it? So sorry to read you saga and do hope things settle down soon. At those prices I think it might be cheaper to fly to Portimao for dentistry than my bloke down the road.



  • Ta Bob, I'm sure if I had an extra few days there, he would have whipped it out for a fiver!!

  • Oh John I completely sympathise with you as I am in the same situation, on amoxicillin since last Wednesday and still in pain but I am back in AF/Tachycardia and have a cardioversion booked for Tuesday. Dentist won't touch the tooth without EP's approval. I found it helps to keep up the co-codamol at regular intervals so that the pain can't get a hold. And a hot compress provided some relief. Glad you are still in sinus so that's a bonus. Hope you get sorted soon.


  • We are a right pair.....ain't we.....fingers crossed, the Amoxicillin seems to be having an effect now and I've managed to reduce the painkillers. T'is a busy week for you, good luck with the CV, let's hope you can enjoy the enjoy the tea and bikkies, languishing in rhythm after the event! Maybe we should hold hands and skip off to the jawsmiths together! Good luck, let us know how you get on.....John

  • I am a little confused here Flapjack. You had the nerve out of the tooth while in Portimao, Spain. The dentist would have had to put a temporary filling in it for you to fly home, plus, that is the usual procedure before the permanent filling.

    You should feel no pain if all the nerve is out of the tooth, unless there was an infection there whereby you would have pain, and then the tooth could probably not be filled and would have to come out.

    So, if there was an infection and the tooth would have to come out, then why was the nerve taken out of the tooth?

  • Dunno, I'm no dentist, and when I'm in pain, I have to assume all those letters after his name suggest he knows what he was doing. He also knew I was seeing my dentist when I got home and was concerned that any temporary filling might cause a problem due to pressure in the plane, because we flew home a few hours later. He had seen me with less than an hours notice and had been kind enough to juggle his patients to accommodate me. I guess, time, anti-coagulant complications and flying prevented him from taking it out. Bearing in mind, that for reasons I won't bore you with, my dentist can't arrange an extraction for 3 weeks, I rather wished he had, especially at his prices!! But I think he did well.

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