Flecainide Acetate Tablets

Hi, everyone hope all are well I just started to take flecainide acetate tables 50 MG, and side effect is very bad my eyes always bad it might be alcohol I don't drink too much only can of beer hope it will get better when I am 50 next year, I just joined this community and found very helpful posts, please keep doing good job for all I will play my part where possible thank you god bless all of you.

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  • Hello Ratna and welcome to the forum. Hopefully, the effect on your eyes will ease as your body adjusts to the medication, but it might be worth stopping the beer for a while to see if it makes any difference. Like most tablets, Flecainide can produce side effects but as you dont say what the effect is on your eyes, its difficult to comment. We are all different, but I took the same does as you for around 6 months with no problem.....hope it settles soon

  • Thank you very much for your advice I will try my best to stop drinking alcohol.

  • Hi Ratna I had problems with my eyes going blurry when I started flecainide but it got better as my body got used to the med I think. I have given up alcohol completely as realised it triggers my AF so possible that helped too - worth cutting out the beer for a short while to see if this makes a difference ?

  • I did not and do not have trouble with my eyes, I take 200mg a day and the side effect I notice is I am always tired.

  • Hi. I didn't really get odd side effects until I was on 100mg twice daily for a couple of weeks. Then I started to feel very fatigued, my eyes seemed to be quite sensitive to a lot to light though not all day long, and I felt dizzy in the shower. Then I had one night where i felt so awful I was seriously thinking about writing a will. However the next day I felt so much better and seem to be feeling good every day now. I am 64. I think it nay be that my body had to find a way to adjust tot he medication and luckily I did. I don't feel much like alcohol these days. Good luck

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