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Positive thinking coping with AF


It was not easy yesterday when after 2 episodes of SVT last week I went into AF which lasted around 8 hours for the first time since my last ablation.

I have always found it difficult to cope with being in AF despite years of experiencing the condition.

Yesterday I was given support from a good friend who encouraged me to think more positively.

I truly hope there will not be a next time but if there is I will do my best to adopt this attitude.


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Slowing your breathing down really helps and having someone there to remind and model for you is even better! Well done you.

Well, there must be positives to find here, pottypete. It could be a one off, a final fling. I don't think you can say that your dreams have been shattered and you have lost the belief that you might be AF free because, deep down, the doubt is always there and I think we must all have the feeling that it might strike again however successful our treatment has been. And it did get resolved and today you are not afflicted and long may that continue.

I'm sure we were all hoping that you would finally have cracked it.

Onwards and upwards are good ways forward.

Well done indeed, Pete - it's a real task to be positive in the face of AF but it is so important and your last sentence is inspirational.

It has passed and today is another day - very best wishes.

Fingers crossed there won't be a next time for you Pete.

I too am a great believer in positive thinking. It never ceases to amaze me how I'm never in AF when I go to see my EP, in fact when I do see him I feel so well that I know I could climb mountains that day! Sometimes the mind really does play a part in AF. I've been in AF for four weeks now and am due to see him tomorrow - watch this space!!!


Sending best wishes to you Pete , I have had one 7 hour episode and that was enough for me . Your a very brave person and so are a lot of people on here that battle this condition on a regular basis. Sending positive thoughts to you 💗X

Thanks for all your positive thoughts.

It is our 46th wedding anniversary today.

We are going for a longish walk over the fields to a local pub for a lunch. Nothing too energetic but quite a long way.

No alcohol as I have now been teetotal for nearly a year (never drank a lot in the first place). It was never a trigger but I wanted to eliminate all possibilities. Despite that I still get AF from time to time as you are all aware.

I am going to try my best to keep positive and live each day as if it is my last. One day it will be but not today.

Best wishes



Well done Pete.

I am sorry to hear you had a long episode but hopefully a rarity and it is early days since your ablation. I think it is great to think positively for our overall well-being but I think it is also fine to state that AF sucks. It is a horrible and torturous condition and it would not be authentic for me to go round with a Polyanna smile all the time when I have a daily battle to do normal things and have had since my 5 year old son was born. To me it is part of acceptance to be real about this rotten condition. My EP is really holistic and often talks about the emotional and psychological impact of arrhythmias. I used to feel so guilty for feeling bad about arrhythmias as there "are worse things you can have" but you know, everything is relative. I also try and think positively like you but it's not always easy. Enjoy your walk and pub lunch and happy anniversary :)

Well Done Pete

My Best Wishes


Not much you can do but be glad you are alive!

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