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I have been a platelet donor for about 5 years. About 5 months ago my pulse started skipping, I have had a 24 hour ecg monitor. I was told I was OK. The blood donor unit will not take my platelets now as when they checked my pulse it was skipping. I had another ecg at my own doctors and again I am clear. Is there any chance my heart rate will return to normal? and is it possible that donating platelets caused the problem in the first place. I would like to continue to do so if it is possible. I am 72 years old and quite active, play golf and walk regularly etc.

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  • I can see no reason why being a donor could possible cause this. Is you heart just missing beats or is it really out of kilter with no real rhythm at all? You really need to see a specialist or have a longer term monitor fitted for say 24 or 48 hours to try and pick up what is going on.

    Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is an irregular irregular rhythm not just missed beats which are normally termed ectopic beats. If you have AF then you need to see a cardiologist and consider what other possible co-morbidities you may have as you might possibly have to take anticoagulants and yes that would stop you being a donor.

  • Just skipping beats. Sometimes can miss every two or three beats. Then it may not miss at all for several minutes. Doctor says there is no problem and I am fine, but won't commit himself to letting the blood service know so I am suspended until I get the official all clear.

  • I agree with everything Bob says. I had a monitor fitted for 3 days to see what was going on and you need to put your own health first before you can help others.

  • I was a blood donor for nearly 18 years and approaching my 50th donation. When I told the Blood Service I had been diagnosed with AFib they would no longer let me donate, I wasn't on any medication at the time and had been donating quite happily whilst undiagnosed for around 7 years. When I asked why they wouldn't let me donate anymore I was told that they didn't want to be held responsible for causing any AFib episodes by taking my blood, which frankly I thought was a pathetic reason! I don't imagine for one minute that being a donor caused my AFib, it's just one of those things that happens. In fact I don't seem to have any particular triggers either, apart from stress which is very infrequent.

  • sorry deeferdi the k on my keyboard doesn't work unless I press hard on it, it should read like and skipping

  • yes I agree with your comment, in my case I have got both the blood service and my own GP who are covering there backs. There is a shortage of platelet donors and would lie to continue donating if at all possible. I am otherwise perfectly fit apart from the sipping pulse.

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