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Ablation 6 weeks on

Hi all I had an ablation around 6 weeks ago and wondered if this is part of the norm, what Im going through... I had cardioversion for Atrial flutter 2 weeks after ablation...lasted a few days then back to AF then in the last week I went back into Atrial flutter, 130 bpm meds are increased as I take max carvedidol now also take Digoxin plus lots of other lovely coloured shapes... came out of Atrial flutter of 2 days constant and now in Atrial Fibrillation constant for 3 days at around 130 bpm...I wasnt this bad before ablation!!!

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Don't panic all sorts can happen after ablation takes time to setitle down. Good luck

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Hiya. Given the problems you are having it does sound like that settling down could be a no no. The heart undergos a change re the ablation and if the AF returns after,it can be with different behaviour, including a worse situation. It did with me, 6 minths after, however after a 2nd 3rd ablation all is now good for 3 years. Push to see your EP.

Be well



I have had 4 ablations with several cardio versions in between 1st changed my episodes so although I wasn't in Permanent AF the episodes I had were much worse, the second did nothing the 3rd resulted in a tamponade and the 4th in January has fixed my flutter and i have only had 2 mild episodes since so a success as far as I'm concerned.

I don't think that answers your question particularly just trying to show that there isn't a norm as with the condition everyone's experience is different. To me unfortunately it sounds like your ablation journey isn't over.

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I think that anti rythmn medicine can give you problems I have trouble with different ones


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