Has anyone ever experienced this... maybe the meds!!

I have had the strangest experience this morning. I was getting around for work and my enire face felt like pins and needles, i had blurred vision and shortness of breath.

Then briefly after I arrived at work I felt a severe headace coming on, and a little later on I felt incredibly dizzy which lasted a short while.

I am on xarelto, metrolpol, and fleciande, I also take citaolpram for anxiety.

The doctor know that the flecaide counter act with each other.

I have called his office, and was told that they would reach out to him but it could be tomorrow before he got back with me.

So, I am actually nervous that I could experience this tomorrow morning, and it may be worse.

What does everyone think???

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  • If that was me I would want to see my doctor urgently and not wait for the next day. How are you today ?

  • I have had similar symptoms (and am on similar meds). Check that you don't have cervicogenic dizziness/headaches as an extra precaution. Google that term, you will find plenty of material.

  • Anxiety seems likely to be a major factor. Since it was not just one side of your face, it's not a stroke. Migraine is another possibility, but doesn't explain the shortness of breath. Is it ok now?

  • I am ok now. Thank you for asking. I finally got a call back from the doctors office. The doctor told me to stop taking the metropolol (bp med) and to keep my appointment with my ep. He thought it was a panic attack. but i don't agree. I wasn't panicking about anything. ughghg :(. So now I am still at a loss on what to do and am worried about it coming back.

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