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Thyroid Patient experiencing low body temperature

I am a patient of Hypo thyriod since 1998 and 12 years back, it was made artificially underactive by using radioactive water. I have been using altroxin 150 mcg and use stelabid 2 for anxiety and depression 3 times a day. Since the stelabid 2 is not in supply in Pakistan since 2013, my weight reduced from 92kg to 72kg till now and gastrointestinal since I couldn't find stelabid 2 alternative. I have Colic pain aswell for which I use Colofec twice a day. I'm also a sugar patient since 15 years for which I use insoline 10 units and sitaglomet 5500 at after dinner time, and amarel 1 at breakfast time. I feel excessive pain in the whole body for which I use Nims and when I not use it, I experience low body temperature. I have also have a problem of Blood pressure since 1998 when thyroid started.

NowNow after sharing my history the questions I have are

1. Why I experience Low body temperature and What can I do to prevent it?

2. What is the alternative of Stebalid 2 you could suggest?

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I think these questions are outside the scope of this forum and suggest that you looikat the thyroid forum instead where there may be some knowledge.


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