Apixaban and age

I noticed in a recent reply to a post on Apixaban that it is o.k. up to 80 years of age. I am due to transfer from warfarin to Apixaban next week to help treat my diabetes by diet. This is in agreement with both my Ep and Gp. I am 83 and wonder where the cut off age comes in.

It is exactly one year since my ablation and only one short burst of AF in the year and that corrected without any extra medication.

Is there anyone of my age on Apixaban please?

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  • There are people more expert than me on this site but I believe the 'ruling' on Apixaban is,for most people,500mgs until 80 and then it is dropped down ro 250mgs.

  • There are criteria for dosage for Apixaban. Off the top of my head, I believe a patient has to meet two of the three below to have a lower dose - 2.5mg, instead of 5mg:

    1 Be 80 years or older

    2 Be under 65? Kg

    3 Have impaired renal function

    If you check your patient leaflet in the Apixaban box, it details it.

    So, don't worry about being cut off at 80 - there are safeguards.

  • Yes renal function deteriorates with age and the dose is reduced if you are over 80

  • I am also 83 and have been prescribed the higher dose as I do not weigh 60kg or less and have no renal impairment.

  • We were talking about this recently at our patient support group. The doctor giving the talk said 80 is the age for reducing the doseage of Apixaban- as someone has already said here. She thinks it is just because renal function may decline with age so it is a precaution. There are some other NOACs or DOACS as they are now calling them- which don't have to be reduced at age 80 but they might not be right for you for other reasons- it needs a good discussion with your GP who knows about your renal function and other matters. The other thing is presumably one can get one's kidney function tested a bit more frequently with age.

  • Having read all of the replies, I'm a little worried as I have just turned 60, weigh less than 60kgs and have been taking Apixaban 5mg morning and night for the last two years. I have ony had a liver function test once and that was on my request after reading on here how important that is. Should I be asking to reduce the dose?

  • The lower dose applies to people over 80 with low body weight so you are on the correct dose.

  • Thank you for your reply Stormcloud....panic over!

  • I am 70 and no renal problems, yet my EP recommended the lower dose because I also take Veraprimil. Apparently, Varaprimil heightens the effects of Abixipan. I have only had one episode of AF (that I know of) about a year ago, but I don't think that was part of the recommendation for the lower dose.

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