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Surgical ablation


My EP recently told me that my only option left, other than trying amiodarone again which I don't want to do, is to have a surgical ablation. I've had 2 ablations previously, but not the surgical one. It's similar to a MAZE procedure except they use radio frequency and don't make any surgical incisions in your heart like the MAZE does. I'm in the U.S. and if my insurance will approve it, it will be done at the University of Chicago medical center. Does anyone have any experience with this procedure? I have failed all of the other drugs except for the really nasty ones.

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Hi Amcech, I posted my story as I seem to be one of a few to have VATS ablation, video assisted thoracic surgery, ablation. This was 6 months ago and I mischievously have tried all my old triggers red wine, cheese, beer ( a good session) and even loosing my short temper used to trigger it everything is 100% . I have thought I've felt a flutter in my chest but my pulse is in permanent sinus rhythm. I am discharged on 2.5 mg of bisoprolol, fatigue gone, walking 1.6 miles most lunchtimes uphill and back so I have my life back. It's a shock to the system but although at the time I had mixed emotions about the invasiveness, once recovered the gains I enjoy outweigh gave me my life back. (I still need to loose weight)

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Thanks John! How long was the recovery? My EP says it's a fairly new procedure and he has only had a few patients have it done. He said since it is invasive I would be in the hospital a couple of days and the recovery time is similar to open heart surgery as far as limiting activities,etc.

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Hi Amcech, after a few days in hospital I came home and felt better by the day, initially short of breath when walking around but just take it slow, don't push yourself but do a little more each day. I was in hospital a couple of days more than planned due to temperature spikes which was causing concerns regarding possible infections, they turned out to be nothing. I came out on Sunday and as I drive a desk at work returned to work 1/2 days from the Weds, I had a lift in and back. The following Monday I was full time, not what doctors expected but it suited me. I posted "my story" which may or may not interest you? All the best.

Amcech in reply to johnk1956

Thanks and I did read your story!

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