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Hi from another Newbie

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Hi I'm new to this forum which I found by accident. Had a trawl around the posts and just wanted to say thanks to all you who post and respond - in my first visit I found out more information about AF than I got from any of my doctors and feel better prepared to deal with my next hospital appointment which I was 😟 so thanks and I will be back!

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Good to have you aboard as they say. Ask and somebody will have an answer.

Hello and welcome - for me, this forum was like finding water in the desert.

I cannot give this forum enough compliments. There is such a plethora of invaluable experience and even technical information. Questions that I have had, and questions that I haven't had continue to get answered daily. I get a high and gain confidence reading this blog.

Welcome to the forum. Yes, finding this site was where I found the most helpful information regarding my AF and what's more from people who understood just what it's like to have this condition.


I wish I had found this site first when I was first diagnosed. It would have saved so much stress and uncertainty. So welcome, you really have come to the right place for support and information.

Thank you all. I will keep up with all the posts and ask questions when I need to - feel like I have found friends!!

Yes, Tako2009 you *have* found friends! This site is a god-send to all of us and that's particularly true when one is first diagnosed. No question is too trivial and people are so patient and kind.

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