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Headaches post ablation?


Has anyone had headaches after their ablation? I seem to get them often. Today I felt flushing in my face, neck and chest followed by a headache. It's almost 4 weeks since my ablation. Is this normal?

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HI, i had terrible, ice cream headaches for about, 2 months,

apparently due to the trans septal puncture, where the move from one side to the other of the heart

Makaveli818 in reply to sooty757

I don't know if they did that or they didn't tell me all my doctor talked about was my wpw and how large it was and that he had to burn it 3 times. But I did see in the report he got 2 pathways. But I'm glad it nothing serious.

Yes, I had terrible migraines with aura for several weeks post surgery. I too had the trans septal puncture. I had never had a migraine before. It did finally go away and have been fine ever since. I mentioned it to my EP at follow up visit and he said could have been from drugs given during surgery. I can't imagine they would be in my system that long though. Be patient they will go away. That was the worse part of my recovery.

Thank you, that's very encouraging. I hope it goes away soon, haven't been 100% yet. Heart rates still a little high, haven't settled yet. Playing the waiting game sucks. I hope it pays off in the end.

I didn't have any headaches from the ablation but I know my wife has strong allergies and she always had headache problems after childbirth which she attributed to the anesthetics that were used. Last 2 or 3 weeks. People react differently to the drugs evidently.

Thank you for your response I hope they subside soon.

Hi, Yes, I too suffered from aura and migraines after my ablation. They explained it can happen while the hole heals in the heart. I got them daily for a few weeks, then they got less and less, only the occasional one now. Best wishes with your recovery.

Thank you Lynn, I also had another question. Did you ever feel neck tension in the left side of your neck after the ablation? I can almost feel it in my ear.

The most awful headaches, yes. And yes supposedly something to do with the trans septal puncture. Be patient, relax, for some of us it is totally normal, they will go away in time.

So no transeptal puncture, got it confirmed. But still get headaches. I don't know. All I know is since then I've then frequently. Not severly but yes.

Had my third ablation three weeks ago I have head aches and dizzie every day Don't know what to do May be it's the multaq I take or warfaren Hope it goes away Not much after care

Thank you for asking this. I have headaches and had my procedure five days ago. It wakes me up. I am glad to see they will go away.

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