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Hi all, had PAF for 3 yrs but no episodes since June 15, when I had to attend A &E. with heart rate of 184 , I went into normal sinus rhythm without intervention . But last night for 10 hrs on and off I could not take pulse as was slow and missing lots of bears, very scary, assume cannot take my metoprolol as being beta blocker assumed lowered heart rate ? Feel bit shaky and generally unwell today, think heart rate back to more or less normal, am in hospital for a scan tomorrow ( for something else) wondering if I still feel unwell should I pop in A& E ? , don't like bothering them in these stretch times

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You probably will feel unwell after the episodes however the heart is behaving again so a and e couldn't really do anything I don't think. Is there an arrhythmia nurse you could speak to.

Thank you

If it happens again I would phone for advice at the time especially if you don't feel well, in the meantime describe the symptoms to your GP and ask for directions if it should happen again. Missing beats are scary and several in a row would be a pause and definitely needs following up. Best wishes for the scan.

Slinkydog98 in reply to Buffafly

Thank you ( my go useless re heart ) ?? Lol

Buffafly in reply to Slinkydog98

I assume you mean GP? Seems to be common....Mine is just useless.

It was wise not to take beta blocker. My heart nearly stopped after one tablet. And I felt similar to you. It took a week before the affects completely wore off.

Hope you are feeling better now

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