Hi all:)

My cardiologist has put me on 5mg Apixaban 2x daily.

I must admit I am nervous as to what to expect.

Did you have good experiences with this drug?

I take my first dose tonight 😬

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  • Yes Jfib. I have been on it for a year with no problems at all. Sleep well tonight and try not to worry xx

  • Easier said than done I know

  • Thanks Vony :)

    I do appreciate the peace of mind!

    Being young, have you found many limitations in your day to day activities on it?

  • I generally experience no limitations Jfib. I drink a lot less wine nowadays but that is a good thing for my overall health. I still enjoy a glass a few evenings per week and sometimes 2 glasses but I am careful. Other than that, I have 2 active and lively little boys who frequently jump on me and one accidentally headbutted my nose the other day and it didn't bleed lol. I do worry sometimes about the what ifs.. But I try to consciously and mindful bring myself back to reality and the present moment so that I enjoy my life as it is at this very moment. I think it is natural that we have fears.. After all, we have a health condition which we didn't expect.. But we can live with this and still enjoy life to the full.. Just in a different way. I never take things for granted anymore. Eg. This morning I am in a normal sinus rhythm so I am going to make the most of feeling good this morning and go for a walk round our beautiful coast. This afternoon I will likely be in arrhythmias so I am taking the boys to the cinema and we are planning our 'picnic to smuggle in so we don't pay a tenner for a bag of popcorn and a drink lol. I used to take all this for granted. I don't anymore. I went to a therapist when I was extremely anxious about all this. He said something that really struck a chord with me. He told me both his parents died in their early 50s of cancer. He will be that age in 3 years. He said that he naturally wonders if he will have the same fate and used to worry about it a lot. Then he accepted that he would hate to die young and leave his children. However, what he would hate even more is if he spent the next 3 years not living his life and not being truly present in a joyful life. So I use that as my wee mantra when I get days filled with fear. I also come onto this forum and vent my fears as we are truly amongst friends who understand. Have a lovely weekend. Positive thoughts being sent your way Jfib. It takes time to get a handle on all this arrhythmia malarkey but it does get easier. Sometimes I have wee blips and feel controlled by my dodgy ticker and the accompanying fears and have difficulty accepting it but these feelings always ease again in time xx

  • Thanks Vony, for your thoughtful advice. I'm glad you are able to enjoy the good times. You really have a great perspective :)

  • Aw thank you but I honestly don't always have a great perspective... As you will surely see coming up to my ablation! . We are all here to support and help each other through the tough times xx

  • Speaking for myself.I have no problems at all with Apixaban.Been on it for about a year and a half.Transfered from Warfarin which I had been on for about 5 years.....I hated it. It felt like a new life moving from W. to A. You are 'lucky' to get an NOAC and not to have been put on W. It is still happening.

  • Great! Glad to hear it is working better for you!

  • I can only speak for myself but I was put on the same dosage well over a year ago and have not had any ill effects. I was also taking a aspirin a day and they had me stop the aspirin after I asked if I should be taking both. So I guess the answer to your question is that Apixaban, had no effect on me good or bad.

  • Excellent! Good to hear :)

  • Been on it for a year,same dose, no problems at all.

  • Happy to hear it :)

  • yes it's great to be able to eat green veg and said without worrying!! Have had no problems at all with it

  • I'm loving all these positive responses, they are very reassuring, thank you :)

  • I've been on Apixiban from October 2015 with no complications apart from the odd nasty bruise ( I'm much more careful now ) and a run ( excuse the pun ) of nose bleeds ( head forward and pinch nose stopped it after a couple of mins), when I had a nasal infection, which cleared up when cream was prescribed.

  • The bleeding aspect does make me very nervous, especially since I have some GI issues. I'm hoping I won't be a negative statistic! Glad to hear the bleeds you had were not serious!!

  • As the others have said don't panic, at first it seems daunting after a couple of weeks you stop thinking about it an get on with your life . I'd rather apixiban than a stroke any day.

  • Thanks Roony39 :).

    Yes, a stroke would be very bad!!

  • Apixaban is a better choice than some NOACS if you have GI issues. Think you'll be pleased.

    I have started eye injections (scary) and no bleeding problems and other injections in arm etc have been fine. Also had a fall and no effects!!

  • Omg, eye injections?! You poor soul, definitely scary! I hope that ends for you soon.

    Glad to hear you've had no other ill effects :)

  • thank you- I was very pleased with the way they did the injection- no pain at all , so won't be frightened for the next one!!

  • I've been taking Apixaban for over 3 years without any problems. My cardiologist told me it had the lowest bleed factor of any anticoagulant and that was why he preferred it.

    It has made me safety conscious when using knives or walking on ice/snow otherwise I live normally. I've had nosebleeds from an allergy, cuts and a large tooth taken out without having any after-effects. Try not to worry, as Vony says.

  • Good to hear Finvola, thanks!!

  • I took apixaban for about 3 weeks but side effects were horrendous- doctor put me down to 2.5 twice a say which didn't help. Most people are ok on it though so you'll probably be fine.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I hope you've Been able to find something that works for you :)

  • Been on apixaban over 3years never had a problem

  • Totally agree.!!!

  • I've been on the same dose for a year and have had no side effects. You will enjoy the peace of mind as your chances of having a stroke are greatly reduced.

  • I changed from warfarin to Apixaban nearly one year ago - no problems at all.

  • It gave me a bad frontal headache from the second day, and increased tinnitus so the doc changed it to rivaroxaban after 5 days. Taking two pills a day was a nuisance too, now its just one.


  • Yes, I have noticed a strange sinus pressure and headache/ head tingling since I started it. I hope it goes away. I'd be ok putting up with it if it will go away.

  • I developed an itchy rash at first,but it soon went away and was worth putting up with

  • Glad that went away!

  • No need to worry I'm on same doze had no problems at all. I was rather nervous at first afraid if I cut myself would bleed to death lol. I don't drink alcohol as I think it affects the APixaban. Been on it over 12 months.


  • Lol, I know what you mean about the bleeding to death, it's a bit daunting.

  • I have been on it for just over a year. No problems.

  • I have had no side effects at all. Very convenient compared to Warfarin.

  • Does anyone know whether Apixaban has an antidote yet ? If so, what is it ?

    I heard that 2 NOACs do, but the technician was unable to say which ones.

  • Personally, I don't feel an antidote is of very great importance as the circumstances when it might be of use could be very limited. The gap between manageable bleeding and uncontrollable haemorrhage is surely quite small. It may be a nice feeling that anticoagulation can be reveresed but warfarin's antidote can be very slow to take effect and will not have the time to help anyone if blood loss is too severe.

    I take rivaroxaban and the fear of cuts and bruises I had when I first took an anticoagulant has quite evaporated. I have become a bit bolder about going off the beaten track.

  • I believe they are working on an antidote at the moment but as apixaban has a half life of 12 hours it gets out of your system quickly should you have some major problem.

  • We all have different reactions. I was prescribed Apixaban and four weeks after a full stroke I had what may have been a TIA, a CT a few days later did show a bleed. I can't take Rivaroxaban due to lung issues caused by Dronedarone and Amiodarone, so it's fortunate that I tolerate Pradaxa very well.

  • Hello jfib,

    I have been taking Apixiban twice daily for 18 months and i have no issues, in fact it reassures me. I do bruise easily so I have consciously improved my spacial awareness so I dont bump into things.You will grow in confidence as the anxiety becomes more manageable. get on with your life and try not to let your AF define you, life. I wish you well.

  • Thanks jacob35, I appreciate your response :)

  • I think you will be fine. Read all the instructions but don't freak out. Sounds much worse than it is with all the dos and don'ts. And check with your pharmacist for interactions with stuff you might want to take. I am the world's worst at taking new drugs but am fine on them almost 4 months on.

  • Thanks Plai, I am also not a drug fan. I always assume I will be the 1 in 100 who ends up with a really bad reaction. Ridiculous, I know :)

  • Probably because sometimes we do react badly xx

  • I've been on Apixaban for about 3 years, and have had no problems--no side effects. As for bleeding, I have less bleeding with a cut finger or similar than when I was taking aspirin. I had a very bad sprained ankle about 2 years ago, and while there was extra swelling because of the internal bleeding, it wasn't bad, and didn't create problems. The extra swelling went down quickly (within 2 days). So I am not concerned about the bleeding issue. I am very grateful to have this instead of having to take warfarin or other drugs.

  • I'm glad things have worked so well for you on this drug!

  • Hello jfib

    No side effects and I've been taking them for a 3 months. Chris

  • I have been on medication for about 8 months. No major complications. Heavier Menstrual cycle is only minor aggravation. Just dont stress over taking medication. The benefit is not having a stroke

  • Good point. Just in the middle of my cycle now, and -fingers crossed- I haven't seen much difference, so yay!

  • Been on same dose of Apixaban for 7 months and no side effects at all :D

  • Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer. Again, I am blown away by your kindness and compassion :)

  • I have been taking it for two months now after a mini stroke and haven't noticed any adverse affects I am 47 years old I find taking 10 mg Bisoperlol makes me so tired!!

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