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On Pradaxa and passing blood

Hi, first time asking a question. I am on Pradaxa 1 year this month. On Thursday had a lot of blood in urine. Had to go to A&E was told I had a kidney infection, now on antibiotics. Unfortunately the bleeding continued. Rang out of hours Doctor and was told to stop Paxdaxa for the week end. The bleeding stopped. Took 1 Pradaxa this morning and bleeding returned. I am 66 year old female and was wondering has this happened to anyone else and if so did you have to change to another tablet?

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Hello 1100 and welcome. Sorry to hear this. It's the sort of thing that one doesn't want but had it been regarded as very serious I think you would not have been sent home. I'm sure there will be someone who has had the same experience who will share their knowledge.


Do you have to have a renal blood test every year with Pradaxa? I have just started on Edoxaban, and the test is a requirement with this medicine. If kidney function is shown to be impaired one needs to 'go on' a lower dose of Edoxaban. If the two rugs are similar in that respect and you have a kidney infection your Pradaxa may be contributing to the bleed. Just a thought.


Thanks so much for replying. I have now been told by GP Doctor I have a urinary track infection, not a kidney infection as told at the hospital, and the hospital put me on the wrong antibiotics!! I am now on a new course of tablets and will let you know if they clear the problem.

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