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Does anybody know whether there is a difference between cutting a 2.5 dosage of bisoprolol in half and taking it over 2 days, or taking a regular 1.25 dose as prescribed by the GP?

My GP has okayed my 'experiment' to cut my tablets in half to halve my daily dosage. If it works for me, then he will give me a new prescription for 1.25 daily instead of 2.5.

However, I'm wondering if it's the same thing or not or not because I've been doing it for nearly a week now and my resting pulse when I go to bed (according to my fitbit) is no different to what it was on the higher dose, ie: mid 40s at it's lowest.

I'm not worried about it because I feel fine and so my blood is pumping around my body okay, but I was expecting my resting pulse to go up a bit.

I am now wondering whether a small dose simply doesn't last as long as a higher dose, but has the same potency when you take it. I take mine early evening and so it may be at it's most effective when I go to bed.

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  • My Gp said no to cutting the Bisoprapol in half!

    No matter how careful one is with the tablet being so small,the dose you take may not be accurate.

    When I wanted the smaller dose he gave me a new prescription for 1-25 mugs.

  • The line down the middle means you are pretty close. If there is inaccuracy then it means one of your 'doses' is even less than 1.25, so my surprise at no difference in effect is even greater.

  • At the time (2yrs ago) there was no line down the middle!

    My Gp also had experience with a relative not getting the correct dose.

  • Not unless it has a line down the middle which says it is equal based thruout the tablet. Which Cardicor has in their heart shaped 2.5mg, but I believe not the generics. Having said that taking 1.25mg twice a day is much better manageable for me, with 1.25mg tablets. I did however arrange this with my EP. Not all docs like the idea of splitting doses of bisoprolol thruout the day.

    Be well


  • My 2.5 ones have a groove on them to allow you to break them in many other tablets do.

  • Hello Alan, no problem with cutting the tablet in half, in fact my doctor offered me a device to do it but, you can use a knife on the slot and it is ok. I have even done quarters.

    OK. With regards the feeling no different. I know that beta blockers only have a 12-24 hour life however, if you come off of Bisoprolol, I and others have found that you can feel out of breath for 3-6 weeks after stopping. I would therefore suggest that it may take a while to notice. I think I noticed a fall of 10bpm whilst on Bisoprolol.

  • Rich, I'm not planning on coming off them, just lowering my dosage because my resting pulse is as low as I want it to go, and Dr Gupta stated that if you have vagal AF then betas blockers can be instrumental in causing it due to your low pulse when going to bed.

  • To be honest, they were using a small dose of Bisoprolol after the 2 ablations to stop these 6 second episodes of 'something' I get every now and then. One of the reasons for doing the ablation was because for me, beta blockers did not work (any of them). Only option was Amiodarone and that is for the short term only. I am putting up with the episodes now since the beta blocker only took the edge off of them anyway. We are pretty sure it is not AF and if you can be free of any tablet then you are better off given most have side effects.

  • Hi Alan,

    Is there a video with Dr Gupta talking about this? I find it very interesting, it sounds like it might be my problem.


  • In the video on Vagal AF he stated that a very low resting heart rate, as caused by a beta blocker, could be a trigger for AF.

  • When I was on Bisoprolol and it was increased to 2.5 from 1.25 my GP said I must take the 2.5 tablet and not two of the 1.25.

  • As a nurse told not to cut pills in half

  • Well GP suggested it.

  • I want to come off Flecanaide and have been cutting my tablets in half for the last 3 weeks. Cardiologist said I could stop them and see what happens but I was too scared to stop them so I've reduced them. I'll stop them in another 3 weeks. X

  • Hi!

    I do this regularly:). I actually take 1.25 mg 2x a day. My body seems to handle it better than 2mg at one go. I found my resting heart rate stayed pretty much the same moving from 1.25 once a day to twice a day, the difference was in the active heart rate. The higher dose has been far better at controlling the upper rate and keeping it low. You are right about potency though. Bisoprolol has a half life of about 10-12 hours, so it would be half as strong in the morning if you take it at night.

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