Thursday's Ablation

Got my Ablation this Thursday at Glenfield, Leicestershire, and staying in overnight

Is there any thing i should take with me apart from usual clothes and phone, which might come in handy,

will keep you all posted on how i get on, odds not to good because had it so long,. but hears hoping.


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  • Make sure you take trust, positive thoughts, gratefulness and happiness and you will come out feeling fantastic!

    All the best for your procedure!



  • Hi Higgy, because you will have to lie still for 4 hours or so, your may want to download some stuff too keep you amused.....dont forget the earplugs! I was able to drink water from a glass, but many prefer to take a sports bottle and some lip salve. I guess you will have an electric shaver which may come in useful around the groin area.....hope all goes well, as I'm sure it will, and you have heard it all before I'm sure.....make sure someone takes you home, no stairs or lifting and do nothing for week 1 and not much more for week 2......that might be easier said than done, because you are likely to feel fine and capable, but your heart will need time to recover.......don't worry too much if you get some blips of AF, remember the 3 to 6 month rule! All the best, John

    ps...don't be so bl**dy pessamistic....they wouldn't waste their time and money if they didn't think you had a good chance to get it sorted.....

  • Hi Higgy,

    My best wishes for a successful procedure at the Glenfield. Cryo or RF?



  • thanks Barry, not sure what it's called don't want to know to much

  • Hi Higgy,

    Understand, can l send you a private post?


  • Thats ok

  • Best of luck for tomorrow Higgy, you may already know, but Glenfield apparently use new ablation software which has been designed to tackle persistant AF. Sounds like you are in good hands!!!

  • thank you will let you all know how i get on

  • Gd luck for thurs 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Have space to pack the clothes and shoes you are wearing when you arrive. You may move afterwards to a different ward, so beforehand keep out all the things you might want handed to you (pop them in a plastic box or in a bag) and tidy everything else away for easy transport.

    You may be invited to walk to the Cath Lab. I had a pair of socks with non slip soles last time - good for keeping your feet warm during the procedure and they won't fall off like slippers or flip flops can. A dark coloured or patterned dressing gown can be a good idea.

    Hope it goes really well!

  • Thank you ,will keep you up to date, thanks

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