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Very confused

Hi I'm from the carribean and I've been in a medical clinic for 13yrs up to this day with no one doctor can figure out what is wrong with me. For the first time I've been hospitalized for symptoms of palpitations black outs cold sweats short breath and fluctuating pressure where it drops low like 87/70 and back to normal. I'm 34 years of age. Some1 please help.

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Hi Akia

Have you actually been diagnosed with AF?

What medications are you on?

Whilst I'm not a doctor anxiety can possibly be a part of your situation as well.



Hi I was diagnosed 6yrs ago as it being mitral valve palapse then it wasn't now its a type of arrhythmia. I was on atenanol but was taken off cause d palpitations got worst while taking it. I had an echo done as well as two holter monitors and none showed anything. I get up in the mornings with my symptoms the most.


Akia I can only comment on my Atrial Fibrillation, when I first had the symptoms of breathlessness and extreme fatigue where I could hardly take a step as I was very weak, I called an ambulance Ii live in Scotland) and they gave me an ECG which immediately picked up my Atrial Fibrulation and I then had a record for proof. It can be difficult to diagnose at first as it can come and go. The Paramedic recommended I call an ambulance if I felt the symptoms again so I could get another immediate ECG and proof. Hope this helps a bit.

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May I suggest that you look at the STARS website - the symptoms you describe may have various causation but the symptoms in common point to autonomic dysfunction which is most often associated with autoimmune diseases.

You may find some helpful info here:-

There is also a FB page - search Autonomic dysfunction with autoimmune - it's a world wide community.

I have suffered similar symptoms but there are very few clinics in the world that can diagnose this as one condition. I started with Ulcerative Colitis, developed AF with AFl & other arrythmias, POTS, low BP with syncope then developed Myasthenia gravis and more recently ME like symptoms which has flu like symptoms, chronic fatigue etc.

There are treatments for AF, low BP, Mg and the remainder is managed by lifestyle choices, complementary therapies, HBOT and Yoga meditation

I am not a doctor - just signposting based on my own experience.

It is a long, hard road and sometimes you won't find answers in modern, western medicine but you have many fellow sufferers!

Functional Medicine practitioners - includes everything from Consultant in a general hospital to a Chiropratic and much between, often have more to offer managing these multiple symptoms with no known cause but ensure anyone you go to is qualified, a member of a professional body with a complaints procedure and holds Professional Indemnity Insurance.

If you would like more information, please feel free to PM me and I can give you other links which be of some help in your quest,

Best wishes CD.


PS - the terminology that would describe my philosophy of treatment best is Functional Medicine.

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Be sure you have a complete thyroid panel done. If you have afib or flutter upon waking it may be caused by Sleep Apnea. Atrial Flutter and Afib are not very easily diagnosed. Only you know you body. Keep a record of your BP and heart rate to help the doctors diagnose your problems. I had the same problem before I finally was diagnosed with Atrial Flutter and then afib. I had to be very pro active in my care. It can be very frustrating because you know something is wrong with you body and you know you need medical help. Hang in there just get all the tests that are recommended and good luck. If you do have Atrial Flutter or Afib request to see a cardiac electrophysiologist for an ablation. It has made my life so much better. No more suffering with atrial flutter and afib. Atrial Flutter and Afib are very challenging. NO one really understands but other suffers and we are all very different. Good Luck to you. I hope you find out what is wrong very soon.


Thanks so much your story is very inspiration


Which island are you on?


Am in Trinidad


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