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AF episode after ablation operation

Had an ablation 6 months ago. had a full blown AF episode exactly 6 months to the day of ablation when I had to phone ambulance and be admitted and have paddles to get me back to normal rhythm unfortunately not seeing cardio Dr for another 2 months. Does this mean I will have to have another ablation as beta blockers have not worked in the pars.

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Obviously disappointing, but it could be a "blip". Although it can take 6 months for the heart to settle after an ablation, I doubt anything can be that precise when it comes to AF. I guess a lot will depend on how long you remain in rhythm n, hopefully upto your next appointment and beyond....some say it can take longer than six months, but at least you can see what the cardiologist suggests. It may be helpful if you can think back and try and remember if anything you did may have triggered the episode so that you can avoid any repeat.....hope that helps.....John


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