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Today's appointment

Today I saw the specialist about my af, mixed feelings but some helpful information,

He has put me in for a ablation as a urgent case but warned me the waiting list was 7 months, but advised me to contact my gp as episodes progressed to get me bumped up the list also put me down for any short notice cancellation.

He also put me on blood thinners (apixiban) I think they called seemed rather surprised I wasn't already on them .

He also asked me if I snored which my wife was happy to answer, I do sometimes snore but she mentioned the fact that I sometimes stop breathing when asleep, he asked me if I suffered headaches and felt sleepy, I do suffer headaches and could fall asleep at a concert, he referred me th a sleep appnia specialist saying that could be contributory to the af,

He told me to lose weight and exercise, I stopped drinking before Christmas that pleased him.

So all I need is my heart scarring, my blood thinning, a better nights sleep , less to eat to be thinner, tea total, take up some form of exercise and I might feel better but never be cured .

That's af for ya.

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In a nutshell, Bauldy - that's AF all right! Seriously though, it sounds like you had a really positive consultation and your EP is on the ball on all counts. Sounds good.


I know, easy right??? :-) Working at being healthy now is good practice for staying healthy after your ablation, since you won't want to go back to the lifestyle that let AF take hold. Meanwhile, I hope you get moved up that list and stay positive! Be well!

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Ask for a sleep study - in addition to weight loss & exercise, obstructive sleep apnea is one of the main triggers for AF - snoring and stopping breathing are classic symptoms.

I was treated for sleep apnea and is one thing that improved my QOL more than anything else.

Know your enemy - read as much as you can - change your life style ie

1. Sleep Apnea - treat

2. Stress Management - relaxation

3. Nutrition

4. Moderate exercise

If you conquer those triggers then you may even become AF free, after ablation.

Good luck.


But it could well extend your life! Many people have improved outcomes from life style changes. Use AF as a chance to improve yourself rather than look on it as a problem.


I have took positives from appointment and lifestyle changes don't faze me. The waiting has its affects, blood thinners are of concern as I work in a manual job, I'll be glad if they cure my sleeping issue although I thought being able to fall asleep anywhere was a side affect of af and the medication not a contributory factor.

I feel better for not drinking and will better for loosing some weight . Move forward for the better

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'Blood thinners' don't actually thin the blood: they make it take slightly longer to clot. Lots of us worry about blood gushing uncontrollably until we are taking the pills and find that minor injuries are still nothing very significant and quite easily treated.

Every cloud has that silver lining and AF can be a great incentive to healthy living.


The sleep thing is complex (I've been through most of your issues) but I would start by simply getting Breathright Nasal strips from Superdrug.

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