I have had afib for 10 years - that I know of am 66 , have well controlled hypertension - no other heart issues - stress tests etc all ok. Am on Apixiban and 2*50 Flecanaide daily walk 10 miles a day and have no AFIB issues normally - have had 3 episodes in the last year that have been down to eating food containing cheese they have quickly resolved. However, when I had a bad cold and or a chest infection that is a different matter and over the last week I have had many episodes including a visit to Acute Care with a Pulse rate of 180 and afib ( resolved by saline drip and Flecanaide) - overall it has been a bad week. My cardio is has suggested that we look at an ablation given the difficulties I have had with bad colds in recent years - however I was looking to find out if anyone else has had a similar issue with colds / chest infections and managed the results better than I have - as this is the only time I have a real issue with afib ?

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  • My heart always reacted to any kind of respiratory infection/virus, in fact any kind at all! Since my ablation I have had short episodes of AF/tachycardia when I had an infection but much 'better' than before. I was determined not to have an ablation but very pleased I did, I would go for it before you develop some condition that makes it more risky.

  • yes I am certainly considering as the Flec either doesnt control it or you have to take such big doses you are wiped out !

  • A further suggestion to discuss with your cardio is stepping up the Flecainide to 2*100 per day.

    I have Lone PAF was put on Flec 2*50 3 years ago and still had 9 episodes in a month, ablation was offered but instead went for Flec 2*100 and it has stopped it completely with no side effects. I should add that over the 3 years I have also taken Mg, CoQ10, reduced gluten & sugar and reduced stress, haven't a clue which action is keeping AF at bay! Good luck.

  • Thanks - the 2*50 is fine apart from when I get a cold so I maybe need to be smarter at stepping up as soon as I have a cold.

  • My husband had two a fib episodes recently when he had shingles so I wonder if some people are sensitive to any virus, not just the cold/flu variety. Anyway I certainly recommend having a shingles jab if possible. He missed out as it is for under 80s.

  • Thanks - a good point I am beginning to think that if you are not well with any kind of troublesome ailment it can kick off AF - I need to get better at managing that.

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