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Hi all, after many years of taking Fkecanaide I have opted to try pill in the pocket. I have been on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle and I'm happy to report that since April I have shed 15 lbs by eliminating processed foods and wheat products. Since starting my plan in April I haven't had a PAF episode which makes believe like many experts are saying there is a connection between our hearts and stomach. At my recent visit with my EP he agreed that since I'm taking pPradaxa he would agree that I could stop the Flecanaide and take only when I'm having episodes. As of this evening I have stopped and I'm wearing a monitor for seven days which he prescribed. My question is, has anyone gone from daily Flecanaide to pill in the pocket ? I am very apprehensive tonight because I have been doing so well and don't want to get optimistic as I know that AFib begets AFib. Thanks for any replies , Gracey

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  • Well done Gracey, well done.

    You've just left the AF club and joined 'The True Believers' club.

    Stay focussed on your food intake, as I have done, calm your vagal nerve and you calm your heart. Keep with the meds as your MD/GP has prescribed AND don't get apprehensive. BE POSITIVE !

    I still take my meds as prescribed but focus all my energies on food, diet and lifestyle. My last AF event was April 2015.

    If you haven't already, read positive stuff on topics such as ......

    1 Heart and the vagal nerve

    2 Food and the vagal nerve

    3 Digestive system and the vagal nerve, and

    4 Functions of the vagal nerve.

    You may find as time goes on that you may want to widen your exclusions of food to other stuff like gluten and added sugar (if you haven't already).

    Again well, done .... stay with it.


  • I couldn't agree more. I've changed my diet and lifestyle and lost over 50 lbs. My meds are the same but I haven't had a notable AF episode for 9 months now - since I made the change in my diet.

    You are what eat - as the saying goes.

  • Great job losing the weight! We do have the power to heal ourselves.

  • John thanks for your positive thoughts and will definitely read up on your suggestions, Gracey

  • I have often thought about it so will be very interested in how It goes for you Gracey.


  • Gracey, this sounds like real progress. How much flecainide were you taking? I've moved from 150mgs twice a day to just pill-in-the-pocket after an ablation. I dropped to 100 x 2 first, then to 50 x 2 after six weeks and then stopped completely after a further two months.

    Losing weight might help those who have some spare but AF does strike people who have always had a BMI in the low twenties. We know of course it also goes for endurance athletes who presumably veer towards very skinny.

  • I was taking 300 mgs daily which was very scarey because that was the max. I had been having breakthrough episodes on lower dose so EP raised dosage. I felt so uncomfortable knowing I was putting so much toxins in my body that I started to take power into my hands. I went to a Naturopath who put me on a liver cleanse and supplements. Within a few months of weight loss I stopped by myself the morning dosage and just took 150 mgs in the evening. I had a few palpitation episodes but no Afib. As of today I'm now off the drug and will keep fingers crossed!

  • I hope it will go well for you.

  • Glad you Are doing so well gracey

    I have had a few hiccups but am doing better now hope to come off some meds. Next month

  • Mazza, glad you are doing well. As you must remember I opted out of my ablation and am working on lifestyle changes . Happy for you that your decision to go for ablation is working for you. I'm going to run to the table myself if I start having numerous episodes but for now fingers crossed I'll be healthy for my daughter's wedding on July1, Gracey

  • I have 2weddings this year and one next so have to get fit two grand children and my daughter

  • Great news Gracey....I trying to dispose of the 3/4 stone I put on after Christmas and a long holiday in the States....I'm winning, but progress is slow!! Hope you reap the benefits too.......John

  • John, good luck on your journey

  • Gracey23 you have done so well!

    After my ablation I came off 2x50 flecainide very slowly but stay on 2.5 bisoprolol as my heart has radiotherapy damage so it needs a bit of help. I also take Pradaxa.

    I use flecainide as a pip. I always have tablets with me - in my wallet, by my bed , in the kitchen. This gives me confidence.

    If I suspect that AF is starting I wait to ensure that it is established. This means that I will have an empty stomach which is best for flecainide. For me, one 100 tablet will normally stop the AF within an hour or so.

    It's a tremendous help to have a coping mechanism !!!

  • Thank you, I will be sure to have my tablets with me and take on empty stomach. If you have an episode right after eating do you wait two hours before taking your Flecanaide?

  • Gracey23 . It would depend on what I was doing or planning and whether or not the AF was mild enough for me to cope. I have taken it on a fullish stomach and I have also refained from taking the pip, hoping that I could cope without it.

  • Good for you! While lifestyle changes can't cure AF they can go a long way to keeping it at bay! It has been 3 years for me since my EP started me on a Whole Food/ plant based diet and it was incredibly helpful for me , decreasing the number of episodes of AF significantly. Good luck to you as you take charge of your health. Sounds like you are going about it in a smart and careful way! Be well!

  • It is this forum and the loving guidance that I have received that propelled me to stop the negative talk in my head and take a stand for me. I am so grateful for you all. , Gracey

  • Wow your EP supported you in that way that is great.

  • I think because I'm on anti coagulant he felt I wasn't at risk , Gracey

  • Yes, my EP ran a course called the CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) program in his office. It is a 16 week course to learn to eat a plant based diet. The 50 of us in the class all had stunning results, as we were followed with blood work every 4 weeks. That was 3 years ago and my health has improved significantly in every way since. I am most thankful that my EP taught me this way to reverse my heart disease. I also am no longer pre-diabetic, no more acid reflux, and I went down from taking about 6 prescription drugs to only needing 1 these days. I thank my EP constantly! Lifestyle changes really can change your life ! :-)

  • Interesting I guess u are in the U S right?

  • Yes, I am, Andy!

  • Ok, interesting as your EP is forward thinking mine is good, from my understanding very good, but an EP none the less, so when I mentioned Acupuncture, stress etc, he did not dismiss it, he said let me know if they work. So very fact / science based.

  • I did a couple of years of Acupuncture to help lower my BP and it was helpful. Mindfulness meditation has been a daily help, and the better I get at it, the easier it becomes to change my stress response, which was a huge issue for me. My system was on long term "fight or flight" response, which is so unhealthy. Good luck!

  • Thank u most helpful

  • I went from 100mg flecainide twice a day to pill in the pocket. I found it fine no problems. Give it a go. Best wishes .

  • Well done Gracey. Diet so important, Mg Coq10 supplements so important. How did your EP suggest you wean off Flecainide? Maybe very slowly.

  • Orchard worker, my EP didn't suggest I come off Flecanaide, decision was all mine. He agreed that there is no real danger since am on Pradaxa plus he gave me Rate control drug if rate gets too high. I feel well informed and well prepared. Thank you and best health, Gracey

  • Thanks Gracey, I have made a note to ask my cardio for rate control drug when I start reducing the Flecainide. Have a great day!

  • Well done Gracey - it's a big step you've taken and one that I wish you a million times well with. A healthy lifestyle is a must and the massive reduction in drugs is so attractive.

    I hope it works out well for you - please do let us know how you are doing.

  • Hope you continue on your journey to better health. I was diagnosed 13 mo ago and put on sotalol. Had two bad episodes in 4 months, on month 5 finally got to see EP, he took me off sotalol and put me on pill in pocket with flecainide and metoprolol. He was all about healthy lifestyle changes. Ive been exercising daily, slowly losing wt, thankfully only one mild short episode in the last 8 mo and feel great. He said with healthier life, a fib should b less aggressive, so far Im finding that to be true. Really hoping I can say the same years from now. He also said no alcohol.

  • I'll toast your success with a glass of soda water! Best health to you, Gracey

  • I took flecainide 50 x 2 for about 7 months. I lost weight (100 pounds), gave up alcohol, exercise more and eat a healthier diet. I stopped flecainide almost a year ago and have had no AF episodes. I have a loop recorder implanted, so I know I haven't missed any asymptomatoc epidodes.

    I carry flecainide in my pocket at all times, in case I need it.

    Good luck!!

  • Bravo to you! What a beautiful story of weight loss. I wish you the best health going forward, vGracey

  • I take Digoxin and Diltiazem daily. I've discontinued the Dil.. but keep the Digoxin in my pocket. I'm working on determining the adequate dosage for Hawthorne berry/leaves capsules to replace the Digoxin. Have been working towards full pocket Digoxin use as I take now every other day, I monitor with 2 apps on phone ( They are not super accurate but give me a relative indication of how I'm doing ) and I also use a cuff which IS accurate AM and PM. My go to "in pocket" emergency med is tincture of Motherwort. If I have a bad episode, I take three dropper fulls of the Motherwort and within 10m am back to "normal."

    The DIltiazem causes me bloat, palpitations and swelling in feet. When I'm off it like now feel 100% better and the o'scope heart app shows far fewer fibs between the "normal" heart beat pulses.

  • I never heard of Motherwort, I will run it by my Naturopath, Thank you, Gracey

  • Wow this is all so amazing and inspiring to read. I am also going to take inspiration and change my diet and lifestyle. Can anyone point me in the right direction of diet advice to help AF? Best wishes with your changes. Keep us posted xx

  • Vony, my reason for posting my journey is to hope others would be inspired to get healthy. You've done the hardest part already, that's making the decision to honor your body. I recommend that you start by evaluating what you eat everyday. If you eat lots of processed food, cut back until you know longer desire it. It's slow steady steps that will get you feeling better, I'm here and I will happily guide you through the best I can. Just please don't beat yourself up instead accept your imperfections and keep going, Gracey

  • good advice peoples........thank you, for the interesting read. I take Flecainide (150 x2) daily and agree about the diet comments. I'm another one who needs to practice what I preach! I take a cocktail of meds every morning (high bp meds, cancer meds, painkillers ) and feel I'm putting so much unknown substances into my body.

    Perhaps this is when I do things "my way".

    stay well everyone

    Blue :-) x

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