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Unpredictable recovery after Ablation

I had the ablation for PAF on 21 March. Had PAF every day for a week after the ablation. Then had PAF episodes about once a month after that until 12 September. Then lasted until 21 October and had three PAFs in a week when under a lot of stress at work. Then one more on 17 November at the tail end of that stress. Most of the episodes lasted about one hour and reverted with flecainide. A couple lasted three hours. Now I've had no PAF since 17 November. So the path is unpredictable. It has taken 9 months post ablation to get to 7+ week PAF free duration. Will be interesting to see how long it lasts....................

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Mm interesting how everyone's experience varies, guess the healing process is as individual as we are. I hope you are now coming to the end of your post ablation journey and af free life becomes the norm as before af struck in the first place.

Best wishes for a new future without Af.


Thanks meadfoot!


It certainly will be interesting to see if your spell of NSR continues and I hope it does. Please let us know.



Thanks Jean!


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