Result of Holter monitor test - know your own body!

Just had the result of a 24 hour tape that I had on 12 October(! another story). Consultant requested it as I had been in asymptomatic AF with a HR of 80-120 during a clinic appointment. I think she did not altogether believe that my pulse oximeter usually shows a HR of c.65 bpm.

The bad news was that I was in AF throughout the monitoring period which seems to confirm her belief that I have moved from paroxysmal to permanent AF. The good news is that the average HR was 62 bpm with a range of 51-90. Occasional multi focal ventricular ectopics and occasional pauses, of which I was unaware, were noted.

Cardio says this is a satisfactory rate control and has recommended continuing on Bisoprolol 10 mg but reducing Digoxin to 125 mg from 187.5 mg. I'm also on Rivaroxaban. I am satisfied with this.

For Christmas, I got a Fitbit Charge 2 which monitors HR amongst other things. It is showing a broadly similar range as the Holter did, with an average 65 bpm, just like the pulse oximeter.

For those who don't know me, I'm a 63 year old who had an aortic valve replacement to correct a congenital condition 4 years ago. I also had AF for several years before the operation and since. I swim 3x each week, use an exercise bike and can walk several miles. I could do with losing about 10lb!

Comments welcome. Thank you if you have read this long post. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2017.


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  • Seems that things are stable and if you are happy with your situation then no worries.

  • You could consider cardioversion, ablation, antiarhythmic drugs, but since you seem to be functioning well and asymptomatic, I can understand why these have not been pursued

  • I had one cardioversion which kept me in NSR for 16 months. I believe over exercising on a rowing machine brought the AF back. Cardio said I could have another one but said it probably wouldn't last. I have not pursued seeing an EP with a view to ablation. Even if I was suitable for the procedure from a cardiology viewpoint, previous disastrous angiograms have shown problems with the blood vessels in my groin. Inserting a catheter is tricky and painful for me. I'll see how I get on with the reduced digoxin and monitoring the HR on the Fitbit.

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