Coff up was your Dinner!!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling decidely cheated.....that Bob has been teasing us mercilessly about all the planning and preparation that went into his Christmas feast.....leaving most of us drooling in anticipation.......and here we are, two days after the big occasion, desperately wondering if the big event was a success......

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  • Hi John I have to confess that we were ten minutes late sitting down but it was great thanks. In addition I was awarded ten million house points by Sam which should last me at least two days. Yesterday I mashed up the carcass, tossed in some celery. carrots, onions and a few herbs plus half a bottle of flat Carva and a lot of water in my mega cauldron and made a gallon of turkey soup. Mikey and I have had two mugs a piece so far today and I will boil it up again each day till it is gone. Yummy. I need a diet now . Hope you are warmer than Devon.


  • The weather has been fantastic and we love the Portuguese, but I think you need to pop over sometime and teach em how to cook a Christmas dinner.....I mean, turkey 'n chips......albeit with stuffing, bangers'n bacon and sprouts!!.......hey ho!....but Relims little tarts were stunning......😉

  • I stayed in Praya de Rocha many years ago before it was built up and discovered beef steak Portuguese style grilled with ham and loads of garlic. It became my signature dish whenever I was trying to impress somebody. I also had one of the most satisfying evenings in that cafe when a French couple came in and tried to order food in French. The owner looked at them and said "In this cafe we speak English or Portuguese. Take your pick." Having suffered some serious disdain in France with my schoolboy French this meant a lot to me.

  • I like it, some might say another reason for leaving the EU, but of course, this is NOT the place for politics!

    I'm with you re: Portuguese beef steak, rarely have I had a disappointing in most of Europe, the "big" meal is on Christmas Eve. As almost all restaurants are closed, we ate at the hotel, and it was very good, no turkey, but other options available. Where we stay it is quite small and the restaurant is family run and very good. Christmas day we opted for our favourite restaurant in Alvor which was OK, but not up to it's usual standard, we think the main chef had the evening off!!

    Now looking forward to the New Year Gala at the hotel, but after that, will be bread an water until the "waistline" returns.

    Apologies to the members for sharing non AF news, to put that right......touching wood and keeping everything crossed.....all good and looking forward to first review on 25 Jan......Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours, PLUS everyone here on the Forum

  • Mmmmm yum yum 👅

  • I'm very glad to hear it went so well! Turkey soup sounds rather good, I may try for that myself (shamelessly cribbing recipe)...

  • It takes time unless you have an AGA. in which case you boil it up and then leave in the simmering oven for about 9 hours . Strain the liquid through a sieve and discard the detritus. Once it has cooled down skim off the fat and so long as you boil it everyday it will last for ages. We tend to have it by the mug full and microwave a portion when needed.

  • We have the one house in the village that doesn't have an Aga (spent 27 years wrestling a wood stove, I'm quite happy!). But I do have a slow cooker and I'm not afraid to use it! Thanks Bob, wishing you a fab 2017.

  • Your hidden talents are showing Bob thanks for sharing. I didn't have any left overs because my niece made the cooked Christmas Lunch (in Australia its usually cold meats due to the heat) and it was beautiful too. I didn't need to cook anything but I was the chauffeur for the day as a non drinker now. You may not want to continue on with your recipes' but was wondering about your Portuguese beef style, is it online? Still feeling great after my ablation and Happy New Year to you and everyone on this forum thanks.

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