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Dumb and Dumber!

I'll admit it, sometimes I'm dumb but I hope my little story helps anyone else in a similar position.

I have Cardiomyopathy and a symptom of this is AF. On 11 November I flipped into AF. I got myself to hospital and on 12 November I was duly Cardioverted and sent home with my meds doubled (Bisoprolol). I went straight back to work on 14 November.

I felt awful, putting this down to the increase in meds. On Saturday 3 December, I flipped back into AF again and again went to hospital where I was Cardioverted and sent home. Again I went back to work the following Monday.

By Wednesday 7 December I was feeling so ill. Doctors weren't interested because my vitals were "normal" but I felt I was heading towards another AF session.

So, I ended up calling in sick and sleeping and resting as much as I could. I didn't do anything taxing, I just took it easy, ate well and slept. Now, 3 days latter I'm feeling a lot better. In fact, I am feeling so much better I'm going to review my life and make more changes that reduce harmful stress...I'm also going to sleep more!

I offer this advice to anyone that, like me, can be dumb sometimes.

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Great advice. We have to remember we work to live not live to work!


I love it, well done Ogilvie, less stress = less AF.


Well, I can definitely vouch for the sleeping more.At 78 I watch my friends dozing...whenever.Not me! I have not always been a good sleeper.At times in my life I have managed a days work on 2 hours a night.But after retirement I decided 'to change my ways'This including plenty of 'brain 'work, a fair amount of socialising(not boozing!)travel abroad, a lot of walking ,keeping optimistic and so and so on.I mostly now sleep like a baby although a have quite a bundle of health problems.Make sure you get enough sleep.....7-8 hours is about right even though you may need to get up once or twice in the night.....Oh, yes.I am also a near vegetarian.

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I love this! After having two children, a stressful job and juggling many balls it took me over thirty years to learn to shut my brain down and cat-nap again and now, particularly after a very long walk, I take myself up to bed. No wonder they say 'the healing power of sleep'. Sleep on!

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Good on you us perth people have to stick together even if we ar 13000 miles apart


Are you sure about the Cardiomyopathy causing the AF. I had AF undiagnosed for years and this caused Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Over the past 6 years and after medication and 4 ablation the times that I am in SR have allowed my heart to return to normal size. I am now classified as 'just' having diastolic heart disease.


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