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Big fillings coming up part 2!!


Unknown dentist in the practice was fab . Said he could get just the same level of anaesthesia with no adrenaline/epinephrine and did. I was in the chair for over an hour while he meticulously rebuilt two teeth from next to nothing. They are tooth coloured and I am thrilled, though they will both have to have crowns in the New Year as one is in two halves!! I keep going to admire them. In fact feel like subjecting you to a pic - but won't! I am a complete wimp and am sure all the positive replies to my previous post helped enormously. Many thanks to all Wendy B

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Very encouraging!!!

Brilliant, Wendy - so glad it went well and you had a non-wimp dentist!

Hiya Bagrat, so thrilled for you!

I am a wimp too, so know the value of a dentist like that!

I am very encouraged too because I haven't seen a dentist since AF dx this year, and need to know it'll be ok.

So glad you are pleased with the lovely result too. Big smiles all round!


Well done all round.

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