The positives of AF

Normally I moan and worry about AF..but today I was actually thinking about how it has enhanced my life in some ways. These last few months I have had daily lengthy episodes lasting between 7 and 10 hours. It usually starts around 6pm (after dinner and when I sit down). So I have been going to bed at 7.30pm as I am tired in work the next day. I go to bed at the same time as my kids and they both get in beside me for stories and chats. When my youngest who is 4 goes to sleep, my 9 year old and I lie and chat for an hour and a half or so. Although arrythmias have stopped me doing a lot with my children, I truly don't believe I would have spent so much quality time in the evenings with my kids if I didn't have AF/ there is always something to do with the house or whatever. But instead, AF has forced me to rest, read books and have long talks about all sotts of things from Minecraft to Marvel heroes, from dabbing to Brexit with my beautiful boy and he and I both treasure the hours and hours we spend together chatting. Sorry for the soppy post but it is nice to be able to take some positives sometimes. Plus the people I have met on this forum and the wonderful genuine compassion of strangers in one big weird AF family is so heartening:) xxxxxxx

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  • What a lovely post Vony. Keep on doing what you are doing. Your children are very lucky to have a Mum like you.

    Best wishes


  • Aw Sandra...thank you so much. Using 'AF time' like this has made me regroup and be more present with the kids I have to say...I honestly think I used to be too busy which sounds awful. Thank you again:,) xxxx

  • It's good to hear from someone who can see the positive aspects of having AF, it does us all good to stop and count our blessings now and again so thanks for the nudge x

  • Haha...seeing the bright side of AF doesn't happen that often for me!! I have accepted it more these days though which has been key for me in feeling a bit more positive:) xxxx

  • no apologies necessary's certainly a positive view to take about AF and was a pleasure to read. The weirdo's (I know thats not what you meant) will be here to help should you decide to revisit various ways of minimising the less positive aspects of the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas with those kids of wishes, John

  • Haha...I am certain it won't be long before a moany post from me!!!!! Awww...our wee weirdo hearts lol xxx

  • Your children are so fortunate to have a mum like you, Vony - and well done for turning a potential misery into something so positive and uplifting.

    More power to yer wee wheel. xx

  • How lovely. I still remember my precious hours spent with my mum chatting in bed for hours about anything and everything. The stuff which lifelong memories are made of. Enjoy.

  • That is so lovely that you remember those times xx

  • great post.

    My GP pointed out that being anti-coagulated also has other benefits- DVTs when flying etc!!!

  • Don't be too sure. I had a dvt and pulmonary embolus while taking dabigatran, but I take your point that it does reduce the risk

  • Aah Vony, what a wonderful and heartening post! It really cheered me up, you have such a lovely family and that means everything. AF is such a difficult thing to cope with and you are turning it into a positive. It is truly a blessing that we have been in touch through this forum and I am fortunate to be able to call you my friend. Stay as sweet as you are. Hugs. Jeanxx

  • Jean...meeting you and other people on this forum has helped me along so much towards more acceptance and less fear. That is the truth. And I am especially lucky to have the contact we have and know you totally understand the whole picture. Thank you for everything. I have just rolled over on a piece of lego in bed....grrrrrrr....gone is the Mother Earth in me lol xxx

  • Now, Lego is a curse!!

  • Vony, not at all soppy but very moving. I love your positive attitude and the focus on what is good - did you ever read Pollyanna? Very old fashioned now but I remember reading as a child and it is what used to be called the Pollyanna attitude, however bad things get, if you find a positive, it will help you through.

    Best wishes CD. X

  • Great post. Xxx

  • Thank you for confirming CHANGE can be positive. PAF has made me press the Reset button on so many things including valuing each day/moment more and living healthily that I now think I am close to having as many positives as AF is negative. It's not the strongest who survive but the ones that adapt to change the best!

  • Lovely post. Don't underestimate the importance of family. Your kids must love the time you spend with them. I pictured your seen and it seems wonderful. Have a lovely Xmas 😁

  • Awwww this is so nice and so true hun, that time spent dedicated to Ur body to rest and to your loved ones is invaluable! I'm really glad to read that your children share in with the AF and understanding what you are going through, it makes it so much easier and less worrying...somehow...

    So true, this forum has been enlightening, I wish I had known about it years ago!!

  • Inspiring post.Thankyou

  • Thanks for your lovely post - it was a joy to read.

  • Your post has cheered me up. It's so easy to get mired in negativity. Thank you :)

  • The positive to come out of my paroxysmal AF is that that it was responsible for my alcohol intake to drop dramatically. Now, in an evening I'll have no more than 2 halves of real ale or maybe a coiople of glasses of prosecco. Prior to my AF diagnosis getting through a bottle of red wine in an evening was no problem, and I enjoyed it so much I couldn't see it stopping.

  • what a sweet and positive way of looking at this .good on ya .have a great Xmas you and yours x.

    Derek x. AF victim.

  • *AF WARRIOR!!!!!! X

  • Just lying here feeling low, then read your post and am smiling and thinking fab attitude. Given me a lift thanks.

  • Vony - what a joy it was to read your post!

    It made my heart hurt with your wonderful account of the time you have with your lovely boys.

    Every cloud eh?

    Take care and may you continue to enjoy the joys of fatherhood.

  • Sorry Vony - AF brain! - motherhood!!!

  • Haha...just saw this after I replied! x

  • Hahaha...I am female Lizie-Loo LOL. so funny. thank you for your lovely reply:) xx

  • Such a sweet post and what a good mother you are. Ive had a fib for almost a year, been lucky with only 3 events so far. But I too have seen some very good changes in my life that probably wouldnt b happening if I had not been scared silly with a fib. Im taking much better care of myself, losing wt, eating healthier. In turn more energy, rediscovering my horse. My hubby can see good changes in my happiness. If a fib had not slapped me hard last Dec, I would still b working over time as a nurse, eating fast food everyday and wondering where am I going.

  • Yeah...ironic how ill health can make you more healthy and regroup !!!! I took a lot more for granted before. My friend has a terminal brain tumour and I remind myself every day that although I feel sh*t when in arrythmias, it is not life sentence and I appreciate being in NSR and feeling normal when I am. My friend has done so much with his life since being diagnosed including becoming a dad:) Although I despise not being in a normal rhythm at some point each day, I have learnt to work with what I have and feel gratitude which I didn't used to do xxx

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