Is AF catching?

Ok, I'm not being entirely serious here. One of the indicators on my car has developed an arrhythmia - it works most of the time but skips beats now and then. I asked a local garage to have a look and the guy said he couldn't detect any problem as it seemed to be flashing regularly when he tried it. Sounds familiar! Can I get it hooked up to an ECG?

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  • 😄😄


  • See my post "AF and insanity". One of the engines had an arrhythmia which was caused by a faulty lead!

    Your problem is probably a bulb issue.

  • This (faulty lead artifact) could happen with Holter montitors as well :D.

  • Thanks Bob. I'll try changing it.

  • Haha!!!😄😄

    Gave me a good laugh - reminded me of the opening sequence of the film 'A New Leaf' starring Walter Matthau.

  • I caught it off someone then it seemed to do the rounds. Getting worried this frivolity might be catching as well.

    You cant beat a regular flash but indications are that these days there are optional extras anyway

  • great !!

  • You need to link your Kardia to your car, then take the readings to the garage, that'll shut them up 🚗 😎

  • I'm not medically qualified, nor am I an auto mechanical EP, but I can give you the number of a great Polish plumber I know!!!

  • Hahaha....seriously though, since I got AF and SVT..since that dentist and TWO of the girls who do my waxing have developed SVT...I am worse with symptoms when I lie back and therefore when at the dentist and beautician, my ticker is always firing in all sorts of dodgy directions...all 3 of them blame me for their newfound arrythmic life!!!!!!

  • I have a friend whose wife has had highly symptomatic AF for some years, so he is very familiar with the condition. He was therefore very surprised when his own routine ECG threw up what his GP described as classic AF. Apart from getting a bit short of breath on the golf course, which he put down to age (67), he hadn't had any symptoms.

  • My smoke alarm has developed AF or maybe its flutter. Its bloody annoying - just like human AF!

  • Ha Ha. Have you decided its November Fool and April Fool?

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